Sunset Hill 2004 Year-in-Review

Are you interested in selling your Sunset Hill home?
Are you interseted in buying a home in Sunset Hill?

I put together a report that documents the the sale price of every home that sold in Sunset Hill in 2004. Not only does the report highlight trends, but it also lists the average sale price of homes based on a variety of factors, such as number of bedrooms, home size, year built, etc.

The document can be found here:

Sunset Hill 2004 Year-in-Review. Note that this file is quite large (about 1 Mb), so if you have a dail-up connection, it will work best if you “right-click” on the link and use the “save link as” feature to save it directly to your hard-drive.

If you would like a hard-copy of this document, just let me know by emailing me.

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