Hacking Your Dream Home

[photopress:Living_Room_shadow.JPG,thumb,alignright]While we’re thinking $100M huge, here’s a question to lighten the mood up:

What sort of “neat” things and convenience features would you design into your dream home?

This question was recently posted at Ask Metafilter and there have been some wonderful responses. Here are some of my favorite:

  • Built-in bookshelves
  • Stereo speaker plug-ins in each room, run to a central stereo. Each room has a on/off switch for the speakers.
  • Built-in main computer area with either good WiFi, or cabled access throughout house.
  • Skylights, as many as possible
  • Japanese soaking tub
  • Good reading light over the toilet
  • Secret room
  • Gas-powered outdoor firepit

It is such a fun question! I found it interesting to see where people focused. Some responses were all about the kitchen… Some all about light… and others all about keeping the bugs out!

Thanks to Fraser at Toronto at Home.

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