History of Real Estate – Part 1

Robbie asks: “On a related thought, how did people buy & sell homes in the “dark ages

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4 thoughts on “History of Real Estate – Part 1

  1. As famous Vulcan once said: “Fascinating”.

    Here I was thinking 100 years ago, realtors in stage coaches would show settlers the farms & land for sale, while the MLS would share listings to brokers via ticker tape only to find out it wasn’t even that advanced until the 1930s.

    No wonder the real estate industry is running scared. They we’re behind the technology curve a 100 years ago as well! Interesting to note, how Wall Street embraced ticker tape technology back then too (and Black Tuesday still hapened).

  2. East coast, ticker tape, yes…way before 1930s. West coast, California, especially Southern CA and Texas, no ticker tapes. 🙂 Anyway I had to jump ahead to the mls faster than history would allow, so I took a little “poetic license”.

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