Here he comes to save the day!

[photopress:cantenna.jpg,thumb,alignright]No, it’s not Mighty Mouse…it’s Super Cantenna!  The best fifty bucks I’ve ever spent!  A 12dbi Wireless Booster Antenna.

I’m still plugging away at my wish list for 2007.  For some reason I thought getting a phone card would boost my ability to get my wireless signal on my laptop from my house, but it didn’t.  The signal was so weak lately that I was playing “rock a bye laptop” to improve the signal strength enough to get from here to there.  A huge drain on my productivity level.

When Kim set it up, he said it reminded him of tin cans and string.  A simple little gadget, but its working!  Super Cantenna to the rescue!  Sometimes…it’s the little things that make life a lot easier. 

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4 thoughts on “Here he comes to save the day!

  1. Many months ago, instructions to make one of these out of a Pringles can were posted to slashdot.

    This in entrepreneurship at its finest.

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