Beautifying those Seattle Retaining Walls

Houses that sit up high from the Street are great!  Quieter.  Better territorial views.  But what about those ugly retaining walls?  Can’t say this was an original idea.  We saw about the same color across the street and decided to prime and paint it.  Came out pretty darned good.

The five gallon primer product sold over at Lowe’s is on sale for $14.00 down from $50.00!  Someone bought out the product, and will be changing the name.  So everything on the shelves is more than 75% off!  So go get at those retaining walls and Beautify Seattle!



We used a deep mud green that blends with the dirt and plantings.  The house really stands out much better. One of those Green Lake Charmers coming soon for about $630,000.  Lots of Green Lake homes have these retaining walls.  It only took us about 2 1/2 hours to both paint and prime.  It took less than a gallon of paint, once it was primed and the primer was dry enough at one end by the time we finished, so we could get it all primed and painted in one day.

We had a beautiful, sunny, spring-like day in Seattle today.  But I hope it dried before the rains came or we will have beautified Seattle’s pavements :0

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17 thoughts on “Beautifying those Seattle Retaining Walls

  1. This one’s for Morgan who said: ” In May, I’m moving to Seattle from Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a good thing I love rain, geographically smallish cities, and trolls.” Just in case people didn’t know why she was referencing Seattle and trolls.

  2. I hate to be a partypooper about this, but I really do try to observe copyright laws and urge others to try to do the same.

    I admit I am not always as diligent as I could be, but we should all make our best effort.

    The Fremont Troll artists still maintain the copyright of the image of the Troll and commercial applications of the image are prohibited without the artist’s permission. Contact information can be obtained by calling the Fremont Chamber of Commerce: 206-632-1500.

    I’m sure they wouldn’t prosecute for your use of this picture in your blog or on the RCG header, but they COULD. Even if you take the photo yourself, the artwork is protected by a copyright.

    Not trying to make trouble here, just trying to walk the walk 🙂

  3. We love our Seattle Street Art and I would post all of them anytime. Who doesn’t love the cow and the coyote in Downtown Kirkland?
    Many sites show family photos taken at our fabulous and famous Seattle Stree Art places. I think the artists love that we appreciate their Art, and spread the photos all over the net.

    I think the copywright is so people don’t make identical sculptures. Not so people can’t enjoy and share the artwork itself in photos.

    I’ll bet whomever made the Troll is very happy that my sister takes every visitor to Seattle to his Troll…and takes their picture…and posts it on her site. I think the Troll likes it too. I think the Troll is smiling more in the photo with the class on it than he is in the photo in the header 🙂

    I’ll bet thousands and thousands of people have taken pictures of our Troll. I think the artist would be sad if no one noticed him.

  4. Here’s a link to the Chamber of Commerce’ website. If you scroll down, you will see their warning notice concerning “commercial applications” of the image:

    As an example, a “commercial application” could be the unauthorized use of a photo of the art to market or sell a product or service. Like, on a website. Or a blog.

    I’m not saying they will come after you and ask you to remove the image. I’m just saying that they could, if they wished to, and you could be forced to comply or pay them for the unauthorized use of their image.

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