"Putting Your Personality Online"

Those of you who are Inman News Subscribers might be interested in tomorrow’s podcast.  First time I’ve agreed to do one of these.  Apparently they take questions from callers, but their promo piece below doesn’t seem to announce how someone hears it at the time it is “on” or how someone calls in. If anyone knows that, can you post it in the comments please?  Thanks. 

An Exclusive Inman News Subscriber Benefit!
Monday, March 5, 2007
11 a.m. Pacific / 2 p.m. Eastern

Blogging for Business: Putting Your Personality Online
Hosted & Moderated by Inman News Managing Editor, Jessica Swesey

The number of real estate blogs has exploded over the last year and some agents are finding success in acquiring new clients using this simple and inexpensive medium. Listen to some of the top real estate bloggers in the country as they share practical know-how on what brought them to blogging, what makes a good blog and how they’ve found time to integrate this habit into their overall business plans.

Featured Speakers:

Noah Rosenblatt

Noah Rosenblatt, Founder, UrbanDigs.com

Noah started UrbanDigs.com, a weblog that offers tips for both buyers and sellers to help maximize profit in the New York City housing market in late 2005. In 2006 Inman News recognized Noah’s blog as the “Most Innovative Real Estate Weblog.

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ARDELL is a Managing Broker with Better Properties METRO King County. ARDELL was named one of the Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers in the U.S. by Inman News and has 33+ years experience in Real Estate up and down both Coasts, representing both buyers and sellers of homes in Seattle and on The Eastside. email: ardelld@gmail.com cell: 206-910-1000

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  1. Eileen,

    Thanks for the tip. The people are pensco are really great to work with. They just seem to know more than everyone esle I talked to. I called their business development center and got great service.

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