Using fast cars to sell homes

Advice to sellers: Put a Corvette (?) in the listing photo. It will make your property really stand out.

Buyers please be advised: advertised price does not include totally sweet car.

18 thoughts on “Using fast cars to sell homes

  1. Is it just me, or does that house look like it is something out of one of those faux wildwest towns with fronts but nothing behind them?

    You can see the sky through the right side of the house. Me thinks someone got a little careless with photoshop. Raining with blue sky. Hmmm.

    The real question is did they photoshop the car in as well!

  2. I wonder why they didn’t bother photoshopping the rest of the pictures. They could have done a quick faux “home staging” on the living room. Looks like they already stretched the rooms out.

    At least they could have photoshopped in Tawny Kitaen on the top of the ‘vette for us and had some Whitesnake tunes pumped in when the pics load.

    Galen, have you thought about adding a comment area for the listings?

  3. Jillayne, we have, but policing it seems like it would be a nightmare for such the two of us. And I’m not sure it would bring a lot of value to those who are looking for homes.

    We’ll consider it again at some point in the future.

  4. Too funny!

    I actually had someone ask me if I had a Ferrari to Stage their garage for the Open House. Unfortunately, that’s not part of my inventory.

  5. Usually placing a nice car in the driveway of an overpriced dump only accentuates the fact that it is an overpriced dump. The fact that this is in beautiful Renton makes up for that though.

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