You've Got to be Kidding


I was browsing blog and found this strange home.  When on earth was this permitted? Could we ever do this here in Seattle?  Just plop a home right in the driveway? Sort of the original zero lot line!

Must have been prior to zoning, building,permitting codes. I think the minimum size for a permitted bedroom is 88 sq feet so maybe it works. Gotta be skinny to live here. And I thought the Moda condos were tiny!

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  1. I wrote a post on this one as well. What impressed me most was that the listing agent had a photo album containing 18 still images and four panoramics. You can’t get most agents to do that in a home 10 times the size. The house is actually kinda cute.

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  3. The real funny thing is that this house is a flip, it was sold in April I think and is now back on the market. I didn’t book a showing but since the house is close to my in-law’s, my wife and I drove by and we missed it the first time because it is so small.

  4. I just searched the whole state of Washington to find a similar house. There were no, nada, zip examples to compete with this little sweetie which is actually livable and reminds me of the liveaboards when I used to be in the marina business. The typical boat was 8-10 feet wide and 40 feet long, though tight, it was a cheap way to live for a single person. When they came into the chandlerey, I could smell diesel and muskiness always. Also, like living through an earthquake all the time. But, I digress…
    The only small homes I found had large lots, waterfront, acres in the mountains, etc. The land it sits on is only 824 sq ft. Given that it’s a remodel, anyone know what the flipper paid?

  5. I checked out the link and the photos show it off really well, and there is even a cute patio space in the back.

    Very, very compact living for a single person who is not claustrophobic!

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