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I know how much I enjoy being able to check RCG for mortgage rates every Friday, thanks to Rhonda.  I’m going to try to do the same for King County Stats on Sunday nights.  Each week I will also highlight a different City or Seattle Zip Code over on my blog.  Tonight I did Kirkland Stats.

I don’t have any commentary for King County Stats tonight.  But there’s plenty of commentary on the Kirkland Stats.  There’s less than a three month supply of inventory for property priced at or below the median price sold in 2007.  There’s a very strong buyer’s market in the high end of $1M or more for condos and $1.5M or more for single family homes.

I’ll try to post the stats here every Friday night for King County, but until we get a couple of months of sales, or the full first quarter of 2008, commentary would simply be conjecture.  I don’t expect the number of homes sold in 2008 to be dramatically different in the first half of 2008, as they were in the last half of 2007. 

I expect that brown slice of December 2007 closings to change a bit each week as agents post late.  There were even a few late postings for November and October since last week.  I’ll try to update and keep the data as accurate as possible.  As always, and by mls rule, I must disclose that I, ARDELL compiled these stats using MLS as a source only.  The data is not compiled by NWMLS.



“Statistics not compiled or published by NWMLS.

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40 thoughts on “Sunday Night Stats

  1. Hi Ardell, it will for sure be interresting to follow “For sale” and “In escrow” since those stats are not officially reported on a weekly basis elsewhere as far as I know. If you could add currently closed sales for the current month it would be another very interresting value to follow.

  2. tj,

    I was going to put currently closed sales, but was afraid someone would see that baby slice and make some big deal out of it. How about if I put it in the verbiage but not in the chart?

    I was also thinking I’ll keep the “fan” going on a 12 month rolling basis. I’ll drop off Jan of 07 when I add Jan of 08. This way people can look at the older graphs to compare Jan YOY, but the “pie” will always be 12 month rolling.

    Any comments or suggestions appreciated. Just don’t get to techie on me. I use “Create A Graph” for my elementary graphing. Don’t have time for anything fancier at the moment.

    If anyone wants to take the raw data and email me other graphs made from the data, I’ll be happy to post those.

  3. Jillayne,

    MLS numbers are issued in sequence, not by neighborhood. So if someone lists a house in Kirkland and it is auto assigned MLS #280000001 and the next listing is in Auburn it will be 28000002. At least that’s how it’s always been. I’ll double check when I get a sec. But I didn’t see any announcements claiming there’s been a change in that system.

  4. Ahhh…price histogram…yes. I’ve been dying to do one on a certain complex of condos. I won’t do them for median prices etc because people think that has something to do with the market going up or down, and it doesn’t. I’ll get one up tonight.

  5. But the numbering system is based on when the listing was first started to be entered, and you have seven days to complete the entry. It’s not based on when the listing is taken active.

    I’m not sure what happens if you start it one year and complete it the next.

  6. Why would anyone need those?

    I won’t post them because I feel they are snob codes and avoid them at all costs. It splits Kirkland in half and says half is snob city and the rest is nowheresville.

    I don’t support the dynamics of the current messed up system. Area 600 is so big it’s like the Big Black Hole of Calcutta and agents act like the lines between 520, 560 and 600 are oh SO important.

    Let’s just use Zip codes so the rest of the world can be “in on” the info without some secret snob codes only agents use.

  7. “I was going to put currently closed sales, but was afraid someone would see that baby slice and make some big deal out of it. How about if I put it in the verbiage but not in the chart? ”

    That would do just as well. Thanks!

  8. Only problem with that tj is I don’t want people to think the market is picking up just because the last week has more closings. I’d venture to say more than half close in the last week most months. Seems to post them week to week gives a false impression of weak in the first two weeks and a false impression of strength in the last two. But I’ll post it and we’ll see how it goes. I’ll do an update to these as soon as I get a chance with closings to date in January and an update of December closings. Hopefully by end of night or early morning.

    Have to get to a meeting…

  9. Who deleted Ubersalad. Did he go into “The Penalty Box” finally?

    I’m doing the best I can guys. I’m an agent, not a chart maker or excel spreadsheet expert. I’m an expert on real estate and I’m trying to convey info so the average Joe can understand it and have the info.

    I’m in the business of making houses look their best to sell, not making fancy graphs. I’m in the business of helping buyers make wise choices during tough times, not a graph maker. I’m in the busienss of helping people negotiate their best deal, not an techie person.

    Doing the best I can and I don’t have time to become an expert at ALL things, I’m an expert at what I DO for a living, same as you.

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