A Special Tribute for RCG's 3rd Birthday!

When I told my wife that RCG turned three years old today, she looked at me in disbelief…
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Not because the site has been around so long, but because it seems impossible that RCG has brought so many (wonderful) changes to our life in only three years.

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While RCG started out as an experiment to cheaply market my wife’s new real estate business, it turned into an epic personal journey that has allowed me to foster a fabulously healthy real estate community, learn a tremendous amount about building and marketing real estate websites, and make a living educating real estate professionals on how to improve their online marketing.

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No part of this journey could have been expected or predicted, and yet, my wife, Anna, has been more than up to the challenge every time I choose to pursue another wild idea (such as spending hours each day writing posts on RCG back when we had no readers, moving to Southern California to pursue a new profession, leaving a well-paying executive position to start my own business, etc.) with my usual caffeinated gusto.

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And while I normally try to take every opportunity to thank the RCG community for making everything possible (I am truly appreciative!), I want to take this special opportunity to give thanks to Anna for giving me so much support as I continue to chase my passions.

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The ride has just begun!

54 thoughts on “A Special Tribute for RCG's 3rd Birthday!

  1. A very happy anniversary to you and Anna. Yes, you are a very lucky man indeed, for the reasons you mentioned and many you did not. She’s a very special lady.

    Hi Anna!

  2. Congratulations to you, Dustin and Anna, and deservedly so! You have had a wonderful impact on all of us “traditional” Realtors and tradtional real estate. It’s been refreshing.

    Hey,Geordie. Do you think we can get Dustin to update his photo on RCG to the new look?

  3. LOL! I would have done it a long time ago, but I upgraded to the latest version of the Mac OS a few months ago and it killed my (old) version of Photoshop.

    It hadn’t occurred to me until recently (when I was setting Gordon up as a contributor) that Photoshop was overkill for the particular application and that iPhoto could easily be used to make the photo B&W and resize.

  4. Congratulations Dustin and Anna on such a great journey. The next few years should be equally epic and fascinating. You’ve influenced so many, with so many more to come.

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  6. Happy Blogiversary!

    (fabulous pics BTW, Mother Dustin – Wendy – has talent too!)

    Rhonda wrote: “are we in a toddler stage?”

    Think dog years. 3 years for a real estate blog is an eternity…

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