My friend takes job in Iraq

It’s been tough for agents, a long hard winter, particularly for agents who have not had their license for five years or more. Tough for most everyone, but particularly for newer agents.

I hadn’t heard from my friend, Michael Creel, “heard” in the sense that I had not seen him write a blog post for quite some time. I emailed him never expecting to hear that he has taken a job in Irag for a year or longer.

Quoting from his post, “From-Bellevue-to-Baghdad”, …I’ve been offered, and accepted a civilian contract in the Green Zone to help supply the troops with safe bacteria- free, potable water….I really can’t explain why I feel compelled to go, only that I do, and I am. I’ll be gone for at least 12 months, at which time I will decide if I wish to renew the contract for an additional 12 months. My wife will spend the year in her home in China, and we will vacation together overseas.”

I haven’t known Michael long, only for the six months I was the Broker over at Brio Realty, but we became close. His most admirable trait being the way he glowed when he spoke of his wife. On other topics I often had to remind him to “lighten up” , but when it came to conversations that mentioned his wife, he always beamed from ear to ear.

I admire a man who speaks highly of his wife and isn’t afraid to show his feelings for her.

I worry about Michael being separated from his wife for so long, since I know she is the joy of his life, a life with not enough joy.

It may be hard for many to conjure up any worry for real estate agents in this tough market, but agents are my friends and Michael has made a hard decision on many levels. I wasn’t able to help him much in real estate during this down cycle, though I was able to help several others. The only impact I had was to encourage him to blog, and he clearly was “my best blogger” over at Brio.

It’s a long way from Bellevue to Baghdad. I wish you a good and safe journey, my friend, and hope to see you again. Velocità di Dio.

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