Here comes the sun!!!

“Little Darling…it’s been a long, cold-lonely winter.  Little Darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear.  Here comes the sun,”

…so “they”: say.  I’m delayng this listing one day from Wednesday to Thursday, hoping for a bit of blue sky and sunshine.  My iPhone tells me it will be sunny from Thursday until past Sunday!  Do I dare believe it!?!?  Oh well, I’ll have some backup gray sky photos just in case.

Planning to run around taking as many sunny photos of other listings on Thursday and Friday too.  Anyone with snow photos ought to do the same.  Thursday is Picture Day..with Friday as a backup.

This morning I was singing Sesame Street’s “Sunny day, everything’s A-OK” but it was driving Kim nuts…so I switched to the Beatles.

*****UPDATE******** yes the sun came out!  Replacing the gray day photo with sunny photos!

That’s pretty much the identical photo that I had, but with a BLUE sky.  YAY!!!

This one that the owner took is awesome.  He climbed on a log in the creek.


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38 thoughts on “Here comes the sun!!!

  1. Thanks a lot Ardell!!! Kelan watches Sesame Street every morning and I usually have the song stuck in my head until about noon…….now it’ll be in there all day 🙂

  2. Leanne,

    It should be up and running by Thursday night.That’s actually the front to the left and there’s a creek on the other side of those flowering bushes.

  3. Hi ARDELL, have you noticed how mild the temp is today? Even with with the cloud cover, it does not feel cold. There is warm air moving up from California and it’s coming tomorrow! Have fun on your photo day. 🙂

  4. Good luck with your photos – just remember to put the toilet lid down! 🙂

    Just kidding, but that is my numero uno, biggest complaint with realtor photos. For crying out loud people – PUT THE TOILET LID DOWN! (yes, I’m yelling)

    Nice hardscape – good feel. Good luck with your listing!

    And now, I too, have Sunny Days in my head. 🙂

  5. Thanks Jenn. Got some inside shots today. My iPhone is taking back it’s 5 days of sunshine prediction 🙁 now it says partly sunny and no sun on the weekend. Let’s hope it’s wrong.

  6. The sun is HERE! Now it’s time for Louie Armstrong!

    “I see skies of blue, and clouds of white, the bright blessed day and the dark sacred night

    and I think to myself…what a wonderful life!”

  7. LOL, Jillayne, we were posting those comments at the same time. It’s sunny in Kirkland and blue across the lake into Seattle.

    Running to get my camera and head over to Meadowbrook!

  8. You guys are cracking me up. I’m still not getting emails when you comment and I’ve been busy getting 5 Open Houses together for tomorrow. Reviewing an offer. Busy few days.

    Kary, I predict it gets busier when the sun comes out!

    I updated the post with the sunny photos. This place is awesome, and I’m doing the Open House there tomorrow if anyone wants to stop by.

    Here’s the Zillow link:

  9. Hi ARDELL,

    It looks beautiful in the sunshine with the lush garden! Your online photos of the house show it off very well. Nice Sunday for an Open House there today. I’m having an Open House this afternoon too, thank goodness it’s not too hot (like yesterdays record setting 90 degrees!) so it should be nice for buyers driving around.

    Have a great Open House!

  10. Ardell, it would be interesting to see the old photo compared to the new photo. I’m thinking I preferred the old photo–it could just be me. The old photo seemed softer on the eyes? Although, who doesn’t love blue sky. 🙂

  11. I tried to do that Rhonda, but the new upgrade won’t let me post a photo underneath a photo, only on top. And the gray one at the end looked “odd” so I deleted it. Still getting used to posting in the new format.

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