8 New Seattle Neighborhood Blogs Added to Neighborhood Round-Up

Since my last Neighborhood Round-Up, we have 8 new Neighborhood blogs added to the Rain City Guide Blogroll.  When I go through the existing blogroll reading the neighborhood blogs, I am always looking at their blogrolls to find new ones to add to RCG.  Two weeks ago I emailed Dustin the most recent ones I found, and he added them…did ya notice? 

So I want to introduce our 8 new Neighborhood blogs, please welcome….

Over at My Ballard , the struggle to FREE Ballard from 101 years of oppression is being marked with a free prize at Archie McPhee…just say the Secret Word!   

Moving to Southeast Seattle, The Rainier Valley Post announces all (it’s quite a list!) the fresh goodness now at the Columbia City Farmers Market.  

Central District News reports that a CD P-Patch will soon be growing from a vacant lot. 

 A Tree Grows in Capitol Hill…8 Block Walk is worried about a favorite Pocket Park tree. 

How to bike to work from an island…photo essay from Surrounded By Water: A Mercer Island Blog 

At The South Lake you can make your mark on a poll…”Do you pay to ride the S.L.U.T.?” 

cap to the hill reveals a secret place…joe’s bar…to spend some time.  

inBelltown …well, “it’s currently down while we undergo maintenance.  We’ll be back online soon!”…is missing it’s RCG debut! 

New Seattle Neighborhood Blogs….  Welcome to the Rain City Guide Blogroll!

8 thoughts on “8 New Seattle Neighborhood Blogs Added to Neighborhood Round-Up

  1. Talking about niche real estate blogs, I’m having a great time with my blog across the pond, Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate Blog. I’d love to get some feedback from those of you here at RainCity who have been on the forefront for what . . . the last decade? You’ve got the best collection of bloggers anywhere. As a retired real estate attorney and now broker, I try to do a lot of free but content-rich education for all things real estate. Sometimes that’s a legal issue, sometimes sales charts, and other times news and tips. I love this stuff.

  2. Hi Chuck,

    Your site is great! You have a nice mix local stuff and RE, and it’s regular too. If I was looking to move to the Sequim & Port Angeles area I’d park and read to learn more about the area and what’s happening locally in RE.

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