Remember Dustin's Project Blogger Apprentice?

Million Dollar Listing

Million Dollar Listing

Back in April of 2007, Dustin chose Madison as his Project Blogger Apprentice.  My Apprentice, Kevin Tomlinson of South Beach Luxury Condo Fame (also very hot), clued me in today on Madison’s Cover debut on PlayGirl Magazine.

Madison is also one of the stars of Million Dollar Listing

Madison Hildebrand Million Dollar Listing

Madison Hildebrand Million Dollar Listing

Your Mama of The Real Estalker reported a few posts ago about one of the other stars of the show being released on $100,000 bail.  If you are into “hard core real estate porn”, I highly recommend The Real Estalker.  It’s a fast paced great read, and one of Kevin’s Favorite Blogs.

Someone wanted to do a “Where are the Apprentices?” a year later, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed “On the Cover of Playgirl Magazine” 🙂

The new (2nd) season of Million Dollar Agent airs Tuesday Night, August 5th on Bravo.

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32 thoughts on “Remember Dustin's Project Blogger Apprentice?

  1. Don’t I know it, 3rd Generation.

    I think I’ll develop a real complex, here.

    Here I am up here in the NW, short and no hair. My mid section is getting a little thicker with age and I don’t look so good anymore in my underwear.

    …….and, I have never shaved my chest.

    Perhaps I need a makeover?!

    Ardell? Rhonda? Jillayne? HELP!

  2. You know it, Rhonda…Your Mama as well. We’re not sure if Your Mama is a man or a woman, but The Real Estalker is a fab site. Looks like it takes a ton of work and is like reading a Gossip Column of Real Estate.

    3rd Generation may not like “fluff pieces”, but many do. I got an email right after his comment from CNN with the top 10 stories of the day and #2 was “naked celebrity seen on beach”.

    Not everyone likes data, graphs and charts 🙂

  3. Hi Greg,

    Regarding comment #3, In my experience I have found that women may be initially attracted to the pretty boys however, women mostly find that the pretty boys end up being attracted to lots of girls (or boys, LOL) because of their looks, which makes them fall into the catagory of “temporary partner.” In addition, the gorgeous hunks often will come along with baggage such as an STD.

    The gorgeous boys are nice to look at (just like the gorgeous women are nice to look at for the guys) but my photographer friend, who photographs models tells me that the beautiful models are completely obsessed with their looks and often have really low self esteem.

    I realize here that I’m totally stereotyping and I admit it.

    Further, I’m more attracted to people who carry themselves well. I’m not talking about arrogance; that’s off-the-scale confidence. Instead, a healthy confidence. The confidence comes from inside us obviously but there’s more. I think there’s a sexual nature to that confidence as well. People who have lots of sex exude sex appeal, no matter what they look like. Women can be attracted to men who are tall, short, fat, thin, balding, long hair…I think looks matter a lot less than confidence and sexuality.

    They way a person carries their body when they walk is far more revealing, at least to me, of confidence and sexuality than anything else.

    Here’s an example. I was in Dallas years ago and they were filming a movie. All the women from the business convention were swooning over Kevin Costner when he came over to meet us. I was way more interested in meeting Oliver Stone and Joe Pesci.

    “Perhaps I need a makeover?! Ardell? Rhonda? Jillayne? HELP!”

    Stand up straight, throw your shoulders back, and have lots of sex.

  4. “Stand up straight, throw your shoulders back, and have lots of sex.”

    Oh my, this could be the best advice I’ve ever received! 😉

    (I just knew I needed to check in to RCG today. What a great blog!)

  5. Barbara Corcoran says: “Use what you got” I use my brain lol.

    I didn’t know Million Dollar Listing was returning. All I remember is the blond agent doing her nails at an open house getting nail polish on the sellers granite counter. She only stood up when good looking guys came in – then she went to fix her make up. Needless to say she lost the listing and the client and the sale.

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