I Opened Pandora's Box of Spam

Pandora's Box of Spam Emails

Mac clearly has the best commercials on TV these days.  I love most of them and while I don’t like Apple Computers, I can’t help but be enticed by the Mac Commercials.  Those Ad guys should be making a mint, and deservedly so!

How can you not love the commercial for MacBook Air where they slip the laptop into an interoffice envelope?  OMG!  It makes you want one in the worst way.  At least until I remember that I can’t work on the thing because I use almost all Microsoft Software products in real estate and the mls doesn’t function well on a Mac.

I was working in something, when all of a sudden a FREE MacBook Air popup danced across my screen somehow.  And as much as I hate to admit this…I couldn’t help myself.  The commercial from the TV popped into my brain and triggered that “I have to have it” subliminal message along with the fact that is was totally FREE…and I entered into The Land of Continuous Offers, following the never ending “to get your free MacBook Air pick 2 of these offers…then 3 of these…then how but this…then before you leave…then and then” and I got sucked into the black hole of offers with no further mention of my FREE MacBook Air 🙁

Oh, I just remembered how I got sucked in.  I was making sure my spelling of Il Salvatore was correct, and went to one of these free transalation sites where I saw the FREE MacBook Air. 

Well I got through it and ordered two things that I kind of needed that were almost free 🙂 knowing that there was a possibility that I wouldn’t get that FREE MacBook Air (though I still daydream that the mailman is going to be delivering it any second.)

What I forgot to do was use an email address that I never use!  It’s been so long since I’ve had to do this that I just plum forgot.  Now I have to visit my junkmailbox every hour or so because…I opened Pandora’s Box of Neverend Spam Emails!Still…if I do get the FREE MacBook Air…it will have been worth it.  What are the odds?  Why would Mac allow these sites to use their product to drag people into a scam?  I would think a company like Apple would protect their reputation better than that, given the amount of money they spend on their ads.

If anyone out there has gone down the Free MacBook Air rabbit hole and actually received a FREE MacBook Air, can you reach out and ease my pain please?  Thanks!

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28 thoughts on “I Opened Pandora's Box of Spam

  1. I may as well post my bad code and linking problem/questions too.

    These problems are recent and went haywire when I did the Carnival of Real Estate Post and still have the same problem ongoing.

    If I try to create a link on my laptop while posting to RCG using WordPress, it would “stick”. Just won’t like period. When I switch to my right hand tabletop computer (I use two at once all the time) I can get the link to go through, but then the paragraphs won’t space as you can see above.

    The paragraphs did space for the first one, and then stopped. I checked the html code and the code seems to be the same when it works and when it doesn’t. Luckily it only screws up my blogging and any of my “real” work. But if anyone has any advice on why this is happening and how to fix it, I’d appreciate it.

    Jillayne and Dustin fixed it for me for the Carnival post, but clearly I can’t rely on the fix for every blog post. It apparently has something to do with cutting and pasting the link url into the link popup box.


  2. Ah ha! then all you need is the latest version of internet explorer (search for IE8 beta 2) It has built in translators just right click and you are done 🙂 Give it a shot

  3. You could always go over to RedFin, their site works great on a Mac and if they have internal tools that are half as good…

    On a more serious note, you can run WIndows apps on a Mac with Parallels or VMWare. Then you can run the realtor software right next to all the nice shiny Apple software…

  4. Gene,

    Truth be told the main reason I won’t use a Mac (someone did give me one for free and I wouldn’t touch it) is because I’m too loyal to Microsoft, period. Yes they did that Parallel thing, but I felt like a traitor just having in the same room with me. In fact I never sat in my office while the Apple was in it.

    I use MS Publisher for flyers. Actually I use MS Publisher for most things these days, including the things I used to use WORD for.

    I truly appreciate what Microsoft is as far as being a huge price support for property in this area. I believe in supporting local businesses. Always have. If I lived near Apple Headquarters, then I’d be loyal to them.

  5. Ardell, “I feel your pain.” 😉

    The ad was for a free ipod. After about 10 minutes of clicking, the small light in my head began to turn on.

    I was saved by a change in the law, and an upgrade in my service provider’s spam filter. And it seems eventually they must delist you. After all, email addresses do have a cost, however small, associated with them.

  6. Ardell,

    I have a new theory about why the posts get formatted funny for you (some times) after you insert a photo. My guess is that after writing your photo caption (in this case “pandora”), my guess is that you simply hit “return” to start a new paragraph.

    For whatever reason, the HTML code “breaks” you out of the caption mode, but leaves a divider with the “class” that formats things like a caption.

    Here’s a new idea for how you can fix this problem going forward. Try inserting the photo after you write your post, (but obviously before you hit publish). Let’s try this and see if you’re still getting the same odd formatting.

  7. Ardell,

    While I believe in supporting local businesses, I don’t believe in supporting local business that have wiped out many other small businesses using vicious business practices. I’m sure some of those business were in the Seattle area.

    I’m sure people who own property, and realtors, in the area are appreciative, even if the values really haven’t made a lot of sense.

    Just because a company is local does not mean they are “good” and should be supported blindly….


  8. I agree to some extent Gene, and honestly that is exactly how I felt about Gates when I lived in CA and the East Coast. But since living here I have seen so many lower end Microsoft employees (not all have big salaries) as my clients and friends, and changed my feeling towards Gates.

    I have often wanted to do a post with the way I have seen Gates in their eyes…but I’m not good at photoshopping his photo onto their pupils 🙂

    Once I saw Gates in the eyes of some young people I have hd the pleasure to represent as clients, I realized how much they have been able to realize their hopes and dreams, because of him and who he is. But before that, I did feel as you do now.

  9. I was sucked in once on a free ipod offer. Got the spam but then once it was classified as spam, it always just went directly into spam.

    I have been using PCs and Microsoft software for so long I feel like it’s embedded in my DNA now.

    I think it’s horrifying to see all those Macs in my daughter’s classrooms, however, what I have found is that they are ambi-computer-ous. They can now work easily on a Mac OR PC.

  10. Sorry to hear about the spam problem. I bought a Mac Air a few months ago, and just love it!! I carry it like just another pad of paper with my portfolio to client presentations and we are always (well, almost always…) a hit.

    My MLS also doesn’t know how to spell Apple, or Mac, or even Air, so I am forced to use Parallels with Vista. But, despite that extra bit of software hurdle, I will never, ever, go back to a PC . . . unless I move to Seattle. 🙂


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