It's not how I voted, but….

I’m very hopeful that Obama will live up to the expectations.  This was actually my first time voting for a Republican candidate.  This was also the first election that I was proud and felt strongly about voting for a President.  

What President Obama had done is amazing and historic.  I’m not going to go into details about what I think was done right or wrong with the campaigns…it doesn’t matter anymore.

This could be what’s needed to pull America together and I do hope it all happens.

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28 thoughts on “It's not how I voted, but….

  1. I voted for McCain because I obviously didn’t understand ANY issues, the current state of our country, and just wanted more of the same.

    I also liked the idea of a VP who has ZERO qualifications, beyond limited experience, and speaks to me like my friends condescending mother. What else could you ask for???

    It amazes me he even won a few states, but some people just love old rich guys who put the screws to everyone else.

  2. John, I don’t think it would have been “more of the same” with McCain. At this point, how I (46% of the country) voted doesn’t matter. I do feel better today then I did when I voted in the last two elections against Bush.

    Obama’s a rich guy too…don’t kid yourself.

    What’s going to be crucial for our country is jobs. Friday the Jobs Report will come out and it should be a real doosy.

  3. That anyone would equate John McCain with Bush shows the power of negative campaign ads. That said, I’d agree with John Findlayson that McCain seemed out of touch. Sticking to the same old talking points for months made him seem more like a cabinet level official on a Sunday morning news show than a presidential candidate. And it allowed Obama to trounce him in the last debate.

  4. The only decent speech made by McCain was his final one. I mean that as sincerely as possible. They almost seemed as if he believed what he was saying, and showed grace.

    Rhonda: You’re right, McCain and Obama have lived parallel lives.

  5. John, I have not said that McCain and Obama have lived parallel lives. The way you twist my words around, I’m wondering if you’re a politician?

    I do think both men are amazing and have had incredible lives. If you actually read my post, you’ll see that I’m not unhappy that Obama is elected.

  6. Rhonda:

    If everyone actually cared to do real research on McCain, very few would ever choose him as their candidate.

    He gave a moving speech the other night, but he has a long history of being a terrible guy.

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