Snohomish Co: first snow pics 2008

The Snohomish Valley at sunrise. ( Sunday, December 14, 2008. Looking South towards Mt. Rainier)

10 thoughts on “Snohomish Co: first snow pics 2008

  1. Tim that’s an absolutely gorgeous shot. How much snow did you get? How are the roads in Snohomish? I was in Arlington last night. I’m sure they have several inches. In Edmonds we have about 2 inches. The main roads are fine but all the side streets are hit and miss with lots of ice. Almost had a big truck slide into my daughter and I on a decline today when we went out for a walk.

  2. I think we received about three inches of snow. Pretty windy up on the hill here late this afternoon, so it is chilly. Lots of ice on the rural roads, but better in town and on the highways. Just got in from closing up some crawl space vents and wrapping hose bibs: Home Depot was out of hose bib covers and so was Fred Meyer….procrastinated too long. Wrapped some insulation around the hose bibs instead.

    While the Pizza is cooking in the oven I’m going to head out into the cold with my daughter to help her with some hay and feed duty for the two 900 lb four-legged critters hanging out in the barn.

  3. We had some rather slippery conditions in the Renton (Fairwood) area last night. Some parts were almost as slippery as I’ve ever seen. One place I had to avoid a spinning SUV, which didn’t seem to be going too fast for conditions. Maybe an instance of having better tires up front?

    Surprising given how cold it was. Some places felt more like water on top of ice than ice.

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