Zillow.com Launches Zillow Advice

Seattle –Dec. 16, 2008—Real estate Web site Zillow.com today announced the launch of Zillow® Advice, an online resource for consumers to find answers to specific local real estate questions. Located in the “Advice

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18 thoughts on “Zillow.com Launches Zillow Advice

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  2. I used my fondest picture of DavdG. as incentive for me to be less than “harsh”.

    Still, I do like Trulia Voices and think it has great value (to consumers). BUT I can’t stand the property platform of Trulia and prefer Zillow.

    My best hope has always been for Zillow’s Q & A to work like Trulia Voices, so maybe Zillow Advice will do that. Santa’s coming…I’ve been a good girl…one can hope.

    “flopped” as to ? Clearly Trulia Voices has not flopped from the consumer perspective. Agents who act like idiots there are most helpful to consumers who can cross them off their list. Maybe they can’t choose an agent from Trulia Voices, but they can certainly figure out who NOT to choose from Trulia Voices. That’s a big plus and not a flop, unless you are talking about agent advantage vs. consumer advantage.

    And many consumers have gotten lots of free advice, though it’s like picking through the bargain basement at Macy’s to sort the chaff from the wheat. Still…for the beginnings of Web 2.0…a huge plus from the consumer’s vantagepoint. Being able to ask an agent a question anonymously is a huge advantage to consumers. Blogs…Trulia Voices…and maybe Zillow Advice…you can’t have enough places for buyers and sellers of homes to ask their questions anonymously, can you?

    You can’t even say something has flopped as to Web 2.0 That would be like giving up on fire when the first spark didn’t create the intended blaze.

    It’s the beginning. It’s step 2 and 3 of 100 step journey. It’s the way the World will operate for my children and grandchildren. I’m proud and happy to be part of something that won’t come to full fruition in my lifetime.

  3. Ardell, Trulia Voices didn’t flop – Zillow did. Zilloq had Q&A before. This looks like Zillow Q&A warmed over and given a different name.

    Good point though – it’s just a little silly to send out a press release about a new feature when it’s an old feature that is actually useful now (maybe).

  4. Well, you know, if at first you don’t succeed…try, try again.

    Just in case it helps Zillow, I will say that I was turned off by Zillow’s Q & A when Zillow employees were asking the questions to “seed” the platform. Never went back.. Once you lose credibility…you’re fcked.

  5. there is nothing new about Zillow Advice. It is the old Zillow Discussions reworked. Same stuff with different feature titles.

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