Historic Snohomish Homes glow in winter wonder.

Some of the many  Historic Snohomish Homes are oriented on wide tree-lined streets and remind me of growing up in the Capitol Hill neighborhoods very near St. Joe’s school, Stevens Elementary School and Holy Names Academy.   Some of the larger historic homes of Snohomish share similar architecture, classic lines and warmth that is accentuated when under the soft blanket of our local snowy weather.

I brought the camera to work this morning to hopefully capture some scenery (or crazy drivers) while coming to work and on my way home.  These are very amateur photos, but I tried.  Enjoy.

This photo above does not show it well, but there is a large wooden placard hanging under the front porch gable that reads, “Merry Christmas.”  It must be about 8 ft wide.  If you click the photos you might see it better.

Classic.  Gorgeous wrap-around radius deck and historical colors, probably from the Benjamin Moore palette paint line.   A wonderful treat to see a full Christmas Tree in the upper 2nd floor porch/deck.  Tremendous detail on this historic home, much of the 2nd floor shows wonderful wood work, pillars and dentil molding.  (Boy, I wish Snohomish had a lumber store similar to Seattle’s old Blackstock Lumber.   I’d probably be broke buying up all that clear VG Fir moldings)  Much is blocked from the trees, but who’s complaining?  Not me.

These homes are a lot to take care of and maintain, but there is nothing like them.

Snohomish river looking from park in downtown Snohomish towards the east.  Just weeks ago, this river was raging and near flood stage.   In years past, the flooding of this river would rise to levels above the bank, which is several feet high and cover those bolted down picnic benches.

10 thoughts on “Historic Snohomish Homes glow in winter wonder.

  1. Hi Jillayne,

    We have in the neighborhood of about 6-8″. Heading out in a few minutes to have some fun. Neighbors have snowmobiles. We’ll see if they bring them out again. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful homes! The homes remind me of some of the homes in suburbs around Boston, my old stomping grounds. The features and finish work of homes such as these is just wonderful. There’s nothing like it today.

  3. Tim, I listed and sold one of those historic homes on Avenue D a few years ago. It was gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Open houses there were always a lot of fun, and I met the adult daughters of a previous owner too.

  4. Tim, yes it was that house, so that means you met me! I loved that house, it was such a pleasure to market and show. Everything that the last 2 owners had done to update it was done very, very well and in keeping with the period of the home.

    The current owners both grew up in the area, and are raising their kids there now.

    I did a few public opens, and sent all my past clients invitations to come see it, and many did, simply because it was such a compelling home.

  5. Marvelous pictures- evoking all the good things about having a family, owning a home for them in which to grow up. Reminds me of Spokane where I spent my first 14 years. JG

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