Christmas Gift Idea

Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone wore one of these on Inauguration Day?

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32 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Idea

  1. I foresee a year of deflation and job losses, followed by a few years of stagflation. The new management may or may not have their contract renewed in four years…

  2. I thought that self sacrifice was unamerican, and it’s all about the stuff YOU are entitled to.

    Obama may end up taking it on the chin for stuff that was unavoidable before he took office. Its too bad, but maybe the experience will convince people to be more frugal and less materialistic, kind of like those people who lived through the great depression.

  3. “I thought that self sacrifice was unamerican, and it’s all about the stuff YOU are entitled to.”

    Some American’s believe YOU is you vs. me πŸ™‚ I’m 2nd generation American from a “Commonwealth” of PA. Half Catholic; half Jewish, and the other half is open minded as long as the other mind in the room is “right” from my perspective πŸ™‚

    Maybe I’m not as American as some who view self-sacrifice to be unAmerican. My least favorite poster has always been the one that says “he who dies with the most toys wins”. My favorite is probably the cat hanging from the pole by one paw saying “Hang in There”.

  4. Agreed, I didn’t state that very well. I am guilty of my fair share of greedy consumerism, though I try not to be. It isn’t easy this time of year.

  5. I’ll do my bit for the country by finally shifting my retirement account from T-bills to stocks when the Dow hits 6,000 next year.

    Plus I just bought some real estate, didn’t I?

    Americans should thank their lucky stars that there are people like me – people who’ve been stockpiling cash for several years, and are finally willing to spend it. Still, people like me can’t change the fundamentals of the economy any more than King Canute could push back the tide. We can only take advantage of the situation.

    Deflation and then stagflation. Obama’s people see this coming too, which is why he’s talking about an immediate $1 trillion stimulus package before he’s even taken office.

  6. It would be nice if the “new management” was at least competent enough to split the word correctly when putting out a t-shirt. It reminds me of the protester carrying a sign that proclaimed Bush supporters were “maroons.”

    Maybe Obama will be able to answer the question: “do you know where our $700 billion went? This country will wake up sometime next year, and find itself in a world of hurt.

  7. Re: #8, my favorite was the protester in Olympia that chained himself to the wrong door, as shown on The Daily Show several years ago. The door was so unused, and so hard to see, that he was there about a day before anyone noticed him and saved him.

    Anyway, one of the final questions the “reporter” asked was: “Do you see yourself as the Rosa Parks of people who chain themselves to the wrong door?” His response, after hesitating a bit, was: “I’m sorry, I don’t know who that is.”

  8. Ardell- tempting, but I’ll let the whole “form verses substance”
    opportunity pass. It’s Christmas, after all… Happy snow days to all!

  9. Thank you, fillmore! I just spent the last 15 minutes listening to a couple of different versions including two acoustic versions by Pete Townsend. One as a young man and one more recent. It was quite a “trip”. I love YouTube!

    Kim has some of the original bootleg demos from when they were putting that song together in the studio. We may dig those out too.

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