How Much Snow Did You Get?

In Edmonds, we have 7 inches this morning.  We had 2 to 3 before last night’s storm so we ended up with an additional 4 to 5.  It’s beautiful! We’re going sledding!

How’s everyone doing out there?

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  1. Light snow falling in Kirkland at the moment. Can’t really tell how much snow fell, as the wind carried a lot of it from here to there last night. Some places look like almost no snow at all, while others are many inches, though I wouldn’t call anyplace a “snow drift”.

    But then I’m from an area where 3′ of snow and 10′ drifts are not all that uncommon. So it looks pretty mild from where I’m sitting.

    I am concerned about my 9 a.m. appointment on Tuesday and getting that house ready for market in this weather. I can’t delay it. Owners are flying off to their new home. So I can’t say “let’s wait until…”

  2. My car in S. Seattle was clear last night around 5:00 and had about 4 inches on it this morning, including a nice hard crust from the freezing rain. It may be around 7 inches total.

    It seems like those people who can’t drive in the snow aren’t today, so the roads are actually not bad.

  3. Hey you guys! I got to sled a LOT today! I am in Brier right down from Edmonds at the top of Lake Washington and there are at least seven inches on the ground. Hubby and teenager made snow bricks today and worked on an igloo – pretty cool:)
    Stay warm!

  4. In Wilmington NC, it has been in the 70s all week. My windows have been open and I have been wearing shorts all week. But I am jealous of everyone’s snow. 70 degree weather doesn’t feel like Christmas weather. We are supposed to get some cold weather this week!

    It hardly ever snows in Wilmington. I miss sledding!

  5. We sled down our driveway last night…didn’t try it today with the iced-over snow we woke up to. If I had to guess how much snow we have in the Alki neighborhood, I’d say close to 12 inches w/more in the drifts. I have photos up on my Flickr account.

    The snow has been beautiful but timing isn’t great for real estate/year end closings.

  6. About a foot total in view ridge.

    Still trying to get downtown.

    Any useful advice for a family currently driving from seatac to central Id?

    In particular, I-84 via walla walla, or i95 thru Lewiston?

  7. Jillayne,

    Comments 1 and 8, just got a call from the owner, that the carpet cleaner cancelled for tomorrow at 9 a.m. I’m not planning to enter it into the mls until the 29 numbers are avaliable after Jan 1, so I have some time.

    Is anyone else singing “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas?” I woke up to A Winter Wonderland. One of the most beautiful things ever is a bare tree with snowcovered branches.

  8. This can hardly be helpful for sales in the already questionable areas from a commute point of view as the convergence zone aka Marysville/Smokey point or Snoqualmie ridge. It sure is beautiful though, I feel like I’m back where I grew up where we have 4 months of this stuff a year though with a few hours less daylight. It’s cozy and serene but also a bit of extra work with dressing the kids and cleaning the car from snow and ice. For a Swede it’s worth it but I doubt the normal Seattlite agrees.

  9. Hi TJ,

    Yeah, I suppose you’re right. On the other hand, the weather may end up being the tipping point for people who have had enough of whatever they already have.

    I for one am thrilled that I could walk to everything I needed today. It’s like a temporary adventure!

    Can’t imagine what it would be like to live in Alaska or Wisconsin or wherever they have this 4+ months out of the year.

  10. Hi Jillayne, I think you have to grow up with it, at least that has been my experience talking to immigrants when I lived in Sweden. They suffer in the dark and cold and many get bad depressions.

  11. I’m a NW lifer (Olympia, Seattle, Arlington, Seattle, Bellevue, with a few brief stints in E. Washington) and I have never experienced a White Christmas quite like this.

    According to Steve Pool, of KOMO-TV

    SEATTLE – Generally, climate statistics say we have a 7 percent chance of a White Christmas on any given year. That works out to once every 14 years.

    But looking back on actual data, that seems optimistic. Since 1891, it has only snowed on Christmas five times.

    The last Christmas Day snow was in 1990 (those here will remember that infamous arctic outbreak). Most of the snow fell earlier, but we did manage 0.8″ on Christmas. Before that, we had an inch in 1965, a dusting in 1944 and 1915, and about 2″ in 1909.

    For more recent events: The big snowstorm in 1996 didn’t start until Dec.26, and we did manage 2″ on Christmas Eve in 1998 but it melted before Santa could arrive.

    It’s been snowing for about 3 hours this morning (Christmas Day), with no sign of letting up. I call it an easy 2 inches today so far.

    That’s on top of the 14-18 inches already on the ground, in Newport Hills (S. Bellevue).

    Once in a lifetime is just fine! 🙂

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