Congratulations Jillayne Schlicke!!!

Instructor of the Year

Instructor of the Year

Jillayne Schlicke wins


from the King County Association of Realtors as voted by the Realtors and Jillayne’s students.




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60 thoughts on “Congratulations Jillayne Schlicke!!!

  1. Jillayne,

    Congratulations and I agree! I first met you as an instructor, not through blogging and I’ve always enjoyed your classes. I come away having learned something. Imagine that!

    One of the things with real estate that desperately needs changing and updating is real estate training. Classes, and some of the instructors, are not relevant. We need better training and classes to meet the changing needs of the consumer and the changes happening in the real estate market.

  2. Hi biliruben, Thank you! I always enjoy your insights here on RCG and on the other blogs as well.

    Hi Rhonda,
    Aw gosh, thanks! I felt so honored when I found out. Especially because the votes came from the students. Everyone benefits from education.

  3. Hi Debra,

    “Classes, and some of the instructors, are not relevant.”

    The state Dept of Licensing (the governing body overseeing approval of instructors, classes, and r.e. schools) recently enacted a change where a school had to stop sending in old courses for renewal year after year without making any changes to the content. Now the schools must update their content. You’d think the school would *want* to do that without being told.

    “We need better training and classes to meet the changing needs of the consumer and the changes happening in the real estate market.”

    One of the classes I came up with in the spring of 2008 was “How to Survive in a Down Market” which is a totally fun class but….some of the agents, especially in the spring of 08 were still continuing to believe that the market wasn’t going to stagnate. Maybe I could have chosen a better name like “How to Survive and Thrive in Changing Times.” Maybe I’ll write a blog post on this.

    I have found that one of the best routes to success is to find out what the agents want way ahead of when the topic will become popular and the only way to do that is to ASK the students.

    In this past Thursday’s class, we had just under 80 agents at the Short Sale class. The most requested topic from them for 2009 was a basic Economics 101 class. Since I’m not competent in this area, I have already recruited a student teacher to write and teach this as I mentor him along. He has a degree in Econ. Watch for this class in the summer.

    This topic has the makings of what could be an incredibly boring class so the challenge will be to make the class incredibly fun and interactive. Maybe I could create a token economy in the classroom. Would you come to a class like that?

  4. Hi Ardell,

    Thanks for the shout out. You are an incredibly cool friend, and, I also must say, a teacher at heart. This is what you do when you blog with some of your blog posts, though you may or may not realize it.

  5. Jillayne,

    Illuminating…shedding light on a topic to garner opinion…leads to learning…without teaching 🙂

    Seeing light bulbs going on is the reward. Changing the way a mind approaches the subject matter, vs introducing new subject matter, is often my goal.

  6. Ardell,

    Interestingly, the teacher then ends up learning something from his/her students (or fellow blog commentors) as well. Ideally, both are open to learning something new. Sometimes this is not the case on either side.

  7. Congratulations to one of my favorite bloggers. Even though I haven’t ever been in one of your classes…I learn nonetheless!

  8. Thanks, Roger.

    The movie was great. I’m in the mortgage industry so I like horror.

    I screamed out loud at least three times. Sometimes horror movies just startle you. This time, I screamed.

    The last movie I saw that was this creepy was the wonderful Guillermo del Torro’s “The Orphanage.” He’s the guy that made Pan’s Labrynth. I almost fell off my seat twice during The Orphanage.

  9. Congrats Jillayne, It is about time someone who actually deserves recognition in our neck of the woods receives it. For all you do to move this crazy business of ours forward, I salute you….

  10. Hello Jillayne,

    Congratulations on your award. I’m reminded of when you were trying to gather four Professors to approve of your graduate thesis and I observed that you might have more trouble finding four who would not.


    Chris Worsley

  11. Hi Chris,

    Yes, that was about a year ago. The professors, as you know, want the student to write the best paper possible. Each has their own idea of what’s important and the student must listen very carefully in order to balance out everyone’s directions. The paper could have gone 10 different ways. The best part was walking into the graduation hall and there they all were, in their caps and gowns standing in a line welcoming us. That moment made it all worthwhile.

  12. Hi Jillyane,

    In answer to your question: if you could make an economics class interesting, I would come.

    FYI, your name came up at our office meeting this morning at Windermere Yarrow Bay. Someone else in our meeting had just taken a Short Sale class with you. She mentioned it was great. I, of course, mentioned I’d taken a few classes with you and had the greatest respect for you. Anything you cdo to improve training in the industry is indeed welcome.

  13. Hi Debra,

    Thanks for your kind words. I’ve recruited one of my student teachers to write and teach a basic Econ 101 class. He has an undergrad degree in Econ. Watch for it in late spring or early summer.

    One of my favorite agents is in your office, Wolfgang Puls. I saw him at the awards dinner but didn’t have a chance to say hello. Please extend a “hello” for me next time you’re at the office together!

  14. Congratulations Jillayne!

    It’s been a few years since we met – you were teaching a Realtor class on blogging, and I attended. You might remember someone in the group that was looking at blogging for another line of business.

    Well, since then I’ve launched countless blogs for business, pleasure, and clients, and fondly remember your very direct approach to teaching. The honor is well-deserved!

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