How to stop escrow madness in an instant

The most wonderful, beautiful and innocent thing stopped the frenzy,  processes and insanity of end of month escrow transactions in an instant.  That thing was the glow of a sharply dressed very elderly woman who happened to find her way to our office and came to our front reception counter and said,

“Hi, can you help me, I’m lost and I can’t find my way home.”

In the midst of all the domestic and world issues, real estate problems, war conflicts, economic woes, layoffs, stock market crashes, corruptness of Bank and Investment CEO’s, politicians and everything else that batters our minds;  for me, it all became meaningless and subordinate to this gracious lady and her memory ailment. At that point I didn’t care about anything but her and helping her find her way home, which I did.

Escrow.  You just never know what each day will bring.

8 thoughts on “How to stop escrow madness in an instant

  1. Tim, thanks for sharing that moment. There is nothing like service to others to draw our attention away from the furious “Oh My Gods” and “What Ifs” running around our brains these days…

    There’s always someone out there who could really use a little help.

    I hope she did eventually get where she needed to go?

  2. Hi Angie,

    Yes, it was pretty amazing. Memory loss is a real problem and Alzheimers can be devastating to the individual with it and family members watching the disease grip a family member. We don’t know how long she may have been driving around our area trying to find her way home. Could have been a hour or much longer.

    I did ask if she was at a prior Doctor’s appt. and she said yes, but they told her she was a week early which really hit home to me about the memory problem. She had enough character and humor to tell me that some days she could recall everything crystal clear and other days just go blank, “such as this.”. She was living alone, but I was able to drive her home and have her contact family.

  3. Bless you for both your act of kindness and for providing me with the chance to reflect on it today and be warmed by it in an otherwise cold cold world.

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