Rain City Guide Eastside MeetUp

We’re planning a Rain City Guide “Meet Up” at Crossroads in Bellevue on February 4th at 6:30 p.m. 

I know Rhonda, Jillayne and I will be there.  Possibly Robbie and/or Galen, and others from RCG.

Pretty informal, as most “MeetUps” are.  No pre-planned “agenda” unless someone wants to submit a few topics they would like covered.

I picked Crossroads vs. “a pub”, as I don’t like to encourage drinking and driving.  It will be in the food court area, so people coming from work can grab a bite to eat. 

Hope you can make it, and we will post a reminder the day before or day of “the event”.  Anyone from RCG who is planning to attend should send me an email.  It would be nice if readers could RSVP in the comments here, so I could “reserve” tables as needed, but RSVP is not required.

We’ve never done one of these before (or I haven’t) so if anyone has any suggestions based on their previous experience at “MeetUps”, advices would be much appreciated.

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56 thoughts on “Rain City Guide Eastside MeetUp

  1. It’s at 156th Ave and 8th St in Bellevue. Here’s a link to Crossroads Website:


    The food court has it’s own entrance OR you can go into 1/2 Price books and go out the back door. I’ll try to post a picture of the entrance by Tuesday night, so you don’t have to go through 1/2 Price Books 🙂

  2. Many people thought I disappeared from the face of the earth — or at least RCG. But I’m here to tell ya’ — I’M BACK, BABY! Not only that, but I will be at the meetup Feb 4.

  3. I love the idea of a RCG meetup and so wish I could be there! Although, this is not the first RCG meetup you’ve been to…

    Remember back when we did one at the Cupcake Royale in Ballard back in April ’06? I remember that being the meeting where we got to meet Deborah Burns for the first time! 😉

    Although I don’t remember if you came to this second one, I also remember a great night of conversation when Sami and Kelly of Trulia visited us at a coffee shop in Fremont.

  4. I don’t think I was at either, Dustin. Maybe I had a drink. I’m a lightweight. That’s why I picked a no alcohol place 🙂

    Galen’s going to try very hard to make it and Robbie needs to check with the fam, but is in as long as there are no family issues.

  5. Really? I could have sworn I remember seeing you around the coffee table at the Cupcake Royale? One of the reasons I remember is that Deborah was just so excited to meet you. But obviously, it’s been a long time, so I could be remembering things out of place. We also had a lunch meetup for contributors one time at a great Asian soup restaurant near Downtown, but I can’t remember if you showed up to that one either.

  6. That’s great Robbie!

    Dustin, I met you right after your son was born. Galen, Robbie you and Anna and your son came to my house for dinner.

    I met Jillayne for the first time at one of my Christmas Parties.

    Rhonda, Deborah and I had the unforgettable naked bike parade experience!

    I met Craig for coffee and Jillayne for coffee with Kim. Deborah and I have spent a lot of time together over the last year or more. Galen’s been by my house once or twice for the Blog Party along with most area bloggers and the Sellsius guys who stayed out front in the van overnight. Rhonda was there that night and we’ve met a couple of other times here and there and she’s done a loan for me here and there.

    Robbie, Steph and Harrison and I always go to The Street of Dreams together, and they’ve been to my house and I theirs for dinner. I’ve met Tim and Lynlee, of course, as they do my escrows and have come to one of my Christmas Parties.

    I met Reba at Jillayne’s house and Gordon at one of his/my listings We had Ladies Night Out with Jillayne, Rhonda, me and Karen Kirr over at The Roanoke.

    I’ve spoken with Jon Ribary, but never have met him and I have never spoken with or met Jim Reppond.

    Just got back from dinner. Had my semi-annual glass of wine 🙂 so I’m taking a trip down memory lane.

    Of course I spent some time with Anna when she came here when your house was on the market, when we all met in L.A. in Hermosa Beach, and then again in San Francisco.

    It will be great seeing most everyone again! Wish you could be there, Dustin.

  7. Ardell, I think we actually met at your home the very first time–you made me lunch (Caesar salad?)…and the next time was the Fremont nude bike experience….forever scared in my mind! LOL.

    Jillayne and I used to work at the same company, Chicago Title, but different counties. We were reunited by RCG!

    Ardell, you bring up a funny point that I’ve toyed with blogging about… some folks assume that you and I do all of our business together. In fact, I had an agent once verbally attack me because she thought that RCG was a group blog where we are just one “team” that always works together. She was on the other side of a transaction where Craig was working w/the buyer… so I was the “damned attorneys loan officer”. It was crazy (pretty funny looking back at it)… she tought we were all in “ka hoots” together and could not understand that LO’s and agents could be on the same website and be “independent” professionals.

  8. Rhonda,

    Even if you write about it, some will still assume. I didn’t know anyone here…not even Dustin…when I was first invited to write here.

    I do think we have a “theme” to some extent, but that is largely influenced by the readers more than the writers.

    I didn’t know Legacy, but do pretty much use them exclusively. I gave them a list of everything that other escrow companies did lesser than I expected for my clients, and they met all my “demands”. Anytime I am “forced” to use a different escrow company because of negotiations with “the other side”, I miss Legacy’s efficiency and care and concern for each client.

    So some associations have been forged by our being together here, some friendships as well.

    I don’t think you realized when you wrote that comment about “that damned attorney’s” LOL!!! Now you have to tell us why he was “that damned attorney”. Cracking me up. We’ll have to ask him at the MeetUp.

  9. Be sure to send her a link to the post and a personal invite. Maybe we can host a 10 minute Smackdown with Craig. Then we can do a People’s Court and decide who was “right” 🙂

  10. Ardell, it wasn’t a pretty phone call. She was out of her mind. OMG…we would all be kicked out of Crossroads for sure…in fact, I hope she’s not reading this post–she just might show up!

    She leans towards the “old school” where one might assume that this is an agent blog and we’re all working together and as the mortgage professional, I’m at the beckon call of all the agents…I guess Tim would be too, as the escrow professional. She went down our column of contributors outraged saying, “you mean you don’t work with so and so and do her loans?” “Nope…never have”… “Then why on earth would you waste your time writing on this blog”.

    I still crack up. You can imagine someone who can’t fathom individual professionals writing together without expectations of business from one another would just flip out over an attorney representing a client instead of having a RE agent.

    I had to over and over again point out that Craig was the author of the post about “how to screw her out of her commissions” as she put it, not me. My face is just on the side of the blog. This was even when we had our photos w/our posts…it didn’t matter to her. I was associated and guilty…a stickin’ attorney (her words Craig, not mine)! HAH. 🙂

  11. LOL…you are cracking me up! We definitely have plenty to talk about at the Meet Up. It’s been too long, and we’ve never all been in the same place like this. Even if no one comes except us, though I’m sure they will, it will be a riot.

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  13. I just checked the post to confirm this was still on — I had no idea I was so hated! 🙂 And bringing Rhonda down with me, no less…
    I’ll see everyone tonight.

  14. Craig,

    I just put up a new reminder post. Apparently you took the whole site with you, and not just Rhonda LOL!!! I’m not surprised at all. If you are, then we will have a heckuva converstion tonight 🙂

  15. No Kev…no live stream that I know of. MeetUps are very “wing it”. But there will be two big things over at Zillow next week with Swann and Kelman and lots of action. Those will not likely be live streamed, but may be available after the fact. Check with David G.

  16. Clearly agents “hate” the idea of Craig offering buyer services for less than $1,000. If he doesn’t expect that, then he’s just living on another planet 🙂

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