What will they say in 20 years about today's new homes?

rcg1When I look at new construction for sale I often wonder if the architect and the builder ever spoke or better yet, if the architect or the builder would ever live in the house they designed/built (I am a builder). I seem to be asking myself that question even more lately as I tour homes built from about 2005+.

I wonder, besides the financial crisis, what will this era’s theme of houses be?
It will for sure be about townhomes, but (on average) I am afraid it will also equate to poorly designed and constructed too.

I was touring a home today that made me wonder if the builder ever asked the question, “where will the couch go

6 thoughts on “What will they say in 20 years about today's new homes?

  1. Jon, I’m somehow just catching this post. I agree with you and will add that it’s also a shame considering some of wonderful older homes that have been torn down for a thoughtless townhouse. I’m seeing a lot of these things sit in our neighborhood of West Seattle. Our family’s favorite Mexican restaurant is now a bunch of empty condos…I think the builder is offering financing. One of the bright spots, IMO, of land values coming down is that we should see much less of this.

  2. I live in a town with few new homes and almost none that are not spec homes. Its just a different world here. I do know the 1960’s homes tend to be out of favor. Everyone likes the 1860’s however.

    They tend to like the 30’s and 40’s. maybe the generation before has to die out to become more popular. People want grandma’s house now. Living in an old town you learn to convert yesterdays homes inot today’s needs.

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