Seattle Sounders and the Space Needle

seattle-soundersWhen I first saw the pictures below taken by Damon Cortesi who I know as @dacort on Twitter, it was St. Patrick’s Day.  I thought the green “hat” on the space needle was a Lepruchan’s hat 🙂 I didn’t know why it wasn’t all green.

Kim told me that the blue and green colors on the Space Needle are for the Seattle Sounders Football Club. Tickets for their inaugural game were sold out well ahead of time, and they WON!

But this is a post about the fabulous night shots taken by Damon, and I appreciate his permission to post them here for everyone’s enjoyment. Thanks @dacort !spotlight-on-seattle-space-needle1


8 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders and the Space Needle

  1. My youngest daughter Cassie is a midfielder playing on two teams this winter. We caught the game last night and it was amazing. We watched their footwork and the way the players pass and move; just like Cassie’s coaches tell them to do. We’re going to try and take in a few games this year. It looks like fun!

  2. Ardell, putting up posts about Soccer is the quickest way for me to not work on files! 😉 Distracting!

    It is THE most beautiful game in the world.

    Hearing Kevin Collaboro call the 1st two scores was just fantastic. Reminded me of Junior’s playoff game winning score that Dave Niehaus called for the M’s.

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