When showing houses, watch where you’re stepping

Real Estate photographers come across some interesting subjects and situations in the course of their work but this one is at the top of my list. An inter – species friendship that’s truly unique…


And when you’re showing houses, please watch where you’re stepping. The gal on the right would really appreciate that.

16 thoughts on “When showing houses, watch where you’re stepping

  1. This doesn’t have much to do with real estate but a friend of mine sent me a link in response to the photo I’ve posted that I find really incredible. Just as some humans seem to have a special love for animals, that quality can show up in animals as well. Check out Jasmine.


    Now I’m starting to wonder about a photo book for inter species friendships. The Maltese and pig would be on my list to include.

  2. Very weird! A little bit of the twilight zone here! This photo is only too true, but not of animals in the Seattle area. Just looked at a house yesterday that had three turtles in the front yard. When I got close to one of the turtles, it started to pull back into its shell. Then curiosity got the best of the turtle and it came over to check me out. Inside the house was not only a chihuahua, but 4 pugs. Where is this picture from?

    Of course, I did not have my camera with me!

  3. Debra,

    I didn’t know turtles were so common to this area as pets. I know there are some that live in Green Lake in the wild ( or maybe former pets?). This photo is from a listing in South Seattle just off Genesee. They only had one turtle and one chihuahua.

  4. Darn, I wish I had taken my camera with me. I’ll try to get back to take a photo, but it may not be easy. It’s hard to believe two people in this world are selling their homes and both have a chihuahua and a turtle!

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