26 Days of No Rain in Seattle

Tomorrow will be Day 27 of No Rain in Seattle. The record for no rain in May and June is 29 days.

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30 thoughts on “26 Days of No Rain in Seattle

  1. It was a bit chilly at 64 today. Clouds are in the forecast but looks like no rain, just ‘sun breaks’ and ‘mostly cloudy’. The roses are beautiful right now.

    • I can’t believe it didn’t rain today. Black clouds everywhere around noon, and then they just blew away!

      Sorry Jillayne…but we did beat the record 🙂

  2. We’re not sure if we want to call the couple of brief bursts of water “rain”. This is Seattle…we’re in denial about the wet stuff most times 🙂

  3. come to north jersey. it’s rained 16 of the past 19 days nonstop. one of those days was a hail blizzard in 65 degree weather.

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