My daughter’s shoot for Smashbox Makeup

I’ll be heading down to see my three girls and two grandaughters in L.A. on Tuesday. I thought you might like to see Andrea’s recent pics from her photoshoot.  Maybe this time I will actually get over to see her doing tattoo art over in Venice Beach. She moved over to the Boardwalk store, so it should be a fun place to hang out in.

Hey Dustin! Weren’t we supposed to get matching tattoos?

andrea pinup

andrea makeup

andrea ink

Hard to tag this post…I chose the category “diversions” 🙂

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18 thoughts on “My daughter’s shoot for Smashbox Makeup

  1. Rhonda,

    LOL, yes it looks like I’m looking directly at her newest grey and black ink…the one I have yet to see in person. The best pic of that tat is a bit risque since it runs from her thigh all the way up to where you see it here. That pic of that full tattoo is on facebook, but I thought it was a little too racey for RCG to see that tattoo in it’s entirety.

  2. Jacqueline,

    I think most mothers “would die”, but since Andrea is a tattoo artist, supporting her talent is a mother’s role in life, so I don’t really have the option to not like it. I do like it, but it took a bit of getting used to. Luckily they weren’t all done at the same time, so we got used to it all in small stages 🙂

    I can’t complain really, I was the one who authorized her first tattoo (which you can’t see because it is on her back) when she visited Seattle. In many ways I am responsible for planting a seed that turned into her current career…though it was her idea to get one, she couldn’t without my permission at the time.

  3. Thanks Joe! I missed you up there. Kim and I will be at REbarcamp in Miami in September (I’m pretty sure). Any chance you’re taking a trip down that way? I’d love to extend the trip up to PA, but not likely we can do that.

  4. I thought I got away with something when you left last time and I didn’t have any tattoos… hmm… might not happen this time, huh?

  5. Mama mia, che bella donna!!!!!! OK Ardell, you know how I feel about women with tattoos!!! Was this your daughter who was recently in Italy? I love the artwork and let’s face it: She’s hot!!!!!!

  6. James,

    Glad you dropped by as I was thinking of sending you a link because I know how much you appreciate tattoo art. Yes, this is the daughter that went to the tattoo festival in Milan back in January. I hear she is going back to Italy in a couple of months. I’ll find out more when I am there next week.

    I left the “hot” picture out, but you would likely love her newest tattoo shown in it, you can only see the top of it in this last picture and the bottom of it in the first picture. It’s all in black and shades of grey and amazing. You can find it on her or my facebook page.

    Nice to hear from you! Hope you are having a great summer. Will you be at Seattle or Bellevue REbarcamps?

  7. It was all about family this trip, Jeff. Went clothes shopping with Xochitl for first week of kindergarten clothes.. I’ll see you in San Diego in November. Maybe one of the REbarcamps in between. Seattle? Miami?

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