Is that an Open House or a Flea Market?

A couple of weeks ago  a friend of ours called howling about an Open House she popped into in Kirkland.  It was a new construction condo.

When she walked in the condo was packed with “vendors” hawking their wares, including an “Avon Lady” blocking the doors to the balcony.

The people there, who actually came to see the condo, were all hiding in the bedroom from people trying to sell them lipstick.

When she stopped by, I had her lay out her lipstick samples and various leaflets handed to her by the people inside. Not ONE was about the condo for sale.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone! Maybe you can pop by an Open House and grab a new shade of lipstick.

Open House

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12 thoughts on “Is that an Open House or a Flea Market?

  1. Reminds me of Edward Scissorhands and the mom Diane Wiest going door to door selling Avon during what seemed like recessionary times. Or Napolean Dynamite’s Deb selling keychains and Uncle Rico & Kip selling tupperware and breast enhancement herbal cream. I think someone should go back to that condo with a hidden camera.

  2. How in the world is this helping sell the condo? It sounds to me like the agent is ignoring the fiduciary duty to the builder, and should be fired. This sort of thing can’t be good for the client, and certainly can’t help selling that condo.


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