Recommendations for a “good” Home Inspector

inspectorTrulia Voices is an excellent place to ask questions and also a good place for buyers and sellers to read other people’s questions and answers. Zillow has a similar feature, but I am not as familiar with theirs.

Today a Home Buyer in Seattle asked:

Does anyone have recommendation on a good home inspector – competent, reasonable service fee in seattle area?

The answers will likely continue to come in for days, and they are already an excellent resource for anyone looking for inspectors that are highly recommended by those who use them most often. Save the link, as these answers tend to come in for days and weeks forward from the day the question is asked.

Feel free to add your choice of inspector, either on the Trulia Voices linked questions, or the comments here on the blog.

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36 thoughts on “Recommendations for a “good” Home Inspector

  1. Ardell- As we’ve discussed, “Home Inspection” as such is all well and good as far as protecting the Agent and/or the Seller from construction defect liability. Usually however it totally overlooks what I as a long-time residential architect consider equally or even more important- design considerations such as appearance and especially planning and other functions. Agents who have involved me in these prospective buyer consultations realize that I’m careful to not step on their pending sale while making my highly experienced evaluation- this by having solutions to suggest to any problems found. J-

  2. Jerry,

    I deleted my comment because it was snarky 🙂 The home inspection is not about protecting the seller at all. Never was, never will be. Home Inspections have always been about the buyer who hires the inspector. Not the seller. The seller can do a pre-inspection, but not to protect them from anything. The inspection as to real estate contracts is always about the buyer…not the seller.

      • Jerry,

        It’s very important to me that people don’t always move in a direction mentally that brings everything back to how it is good for the seller vs. the buyer. It’s hard to achieve a good balance in this industry between seller and buyer interests.

        When people talk about seller systems they rarely say “it’s good for the buyer”. But when it is a buyer service, everyone seems to want to only go to the point where what they do for the buyer is also good for the seller. Just isn’t fair to even think that way.

        It’s one of my hot buttons.

        • Ardell-

          As one who creates/created the product you in the Real Estate Industry deal with (often over and over), I’m fascinated with all the in and outs of same. In your profession as in mine, there are all kinds of practicioners- some better than others. I’ve been impressed with your talented writings on the subject.

  3. Ardell, I would say that some agents hire home inspectors who are not “deal killers”…some do not protect the buyer–they protect the transaction and keep those agent referrals coming. I’m sure this is not the type of home inspector you’re looking for.

    Here is the person who did the home inspection on our West Seattle home and he picked it apart (to our delight):

    Mitman Inspection Services, Inc.
    WSDA PCO #41420, Certified ASHI Member Inspector #609 Phone 425-451-0174 e-mail

  4. Ardell-

    In fact the home inspection protects both the seller and the buyer (as well as the agent) by making as many of the myriad existing conditions visible and/or known to all- nicht wahr?. (Isn’t that so- in German. A very useful expression- nicht wahr?). 🙂

    • 🙂 with the last house I bought on my own (before I was a LO–so 10+ years ago) my home inspector was very popular with the agents… what a joke! When I started talking to some of my “friends” in the industry, they all said, “you can’t go after so and so…he’s so nice!”… nice that I got to replace a roof and…and…and…

  5. Jerry,

    There are so many “as-is” sales these days, short sales, bank-owned, that protecting the seller is not as often as it used to be. It’s very buyer beware these days at the best prices for homes which often comes with no recourse addenda.

  6. I am JJ Greive, experienced home inspector with Home Inspections of Puget Sound 206-295-4330

    I have a couple tips to hire a quality inspector.

    Ask about licensing, See RCW here All home inspectors have to comply with new licensing rules as of September 1st 2009.

    Check online reviews. Yelp, Angies list, bizvotes, etc. Ask friends and realtors

    also ask your inspector:

    1) Do you print reports at the time of inspection? Are color pictures included?
    Many inspectors make you wait to get your completed report. Insist on computerized onsite delivery, or you wont know what to ask the inspector. Ask for a Sample Report.

    2) Do you publish reports/pictures on the internet?
    Electronic versions of your inspection make negotioations much easier. Our reports are online moments after your report is done.

    4) What training do you have?

    5) What are your qualifications?

    6) What is Included in the Inspection?
    Do you include a Pest Report on termites, ants and beetles? Pictures, printed onsite?

    We have inspected over 1000 homes as a team and our experience and service is unmatched by our competition.

    Home Inspections of Puget Sound 206-295-4330

  7. And, it should be all about the buyer…great point Ardell and thanks for the info! Home inspections are so vitally important. I’ve learned to pick out my own home inspector, that is for sure!

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