March 18th & 19th PNW Housing Summit & REbarcampSea

First and Foremost…HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHONDA PORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pacific Northwest Housing Summit will be held this Thursday, March 18th at the Seattle Center. The details of who will be speaking at that event are in the link, and Rhonda promised to stop by in the comments to describe it a bit further. The Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals is largely responsible for that event, along with several other sponsors, and there is a cost of entry. I think the cost is $80 or so $69 if you pay at the door. I’m pretty sure both Rhonda Porter and Jillayne Schlicke will be at the event.

On Friday, March 19th there is a free event that I believe is open to just about anyone, called REbarcampSEA. There is never an agenda for a barcamp, as it is an “un-conference” and the sessions are determined by those who come to the event.

When you arrive at REbarcampSea you are usually asked if there is a topic you would like to talk about, or have others talk about, sometime during the day. The times and sessions are then written on a board as people request the topic and others agree to speak on the topic. I recall seeing The Tim from Seattle Bubble there last year, so I’m 99% sure anyone can attend, though the room will largely be filled with 400 or so agents, lenders and real estate vendors.

Technically there is no subject that is taboo at the event, so a group of consumers could come and ask for a session on most any topic. Largely the event deals with Social Media and Blogging sessions, so if consumers would like to see blogs or social media handled differently than they are in the Seattle Area, they can come and discuss their list of “wants” in that regard. It would be nice if a large group of consumers came, so that the real estate industry could better serve their needs. So come out, bring a friend or two, and make your wishes known.

Hope to see you there!

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28 thoughts on “March 18th & 19th PNW Housing Summit & REbarcampSea

  1. Thanks so much Ardell! šŸ™‚

    The Pacific NW Housing Summit actually cost $69 (unless you go on line before 5pm tonight–which is when the on-line registration is over–folks who register today on-line pay only $59).

    The registration fee includes a boxed lunch from Gretchens and some members may qualify for WA continuing ed clock hour credits (4 for RE agents & appraisers… 1 for LPOs).

    PNWHS is actually co-hosted with Washington Realtors too…but it’s fair to say that most of the volunteers are in the mortgage professional (would have loved to have had more RE agents involved w/the planning).

    Do check out the link Ardell provided… I think it should be a very interesting day…plus there are going to be break out sessions following the morning and afternoon “panelist” sessions allowing attendees to be able to ask more questions of the panel.

    REBarcamp should be interesting too…my thought is that since REBC is following the Housing Summit, we’ll see more topics beyond social media — more RE based like the 2010 GFE or short sales…etc. It is pretty much up to what ever the attendees suggest as a topic they want to learn more about. No free lunch w/REBC… but Jim Repond has made a map of where to park/eat near the Seattle Center and he’s created an iphone ap (I don’t have the ap for that–since I don’t have an iphone–so if you’re wondering what to get me for my birthday–JUST KIDDING).

    You’ll find me at the Seattle Center on both days. šŸ™‚ We’ll be in the Northwest Rooms which is just north of the Key Arena.

  2. I recall seeing The Tim from Seattle Bubble there last year, so Iā€™m 99% sure anyone can attend

    Oh, burn!

    FYI, I’m planning on coming again this year, as well. One of these years I’m going to pony up a sponsorship and get Seattle Bubble on the t-shirts. Buah-ha-ha!

    • Ouch… even “the Tim” can go to RE Barcamp… LOL. This year, REBC Seattle opted for water bottles (reusable) instead of future pajama’s t-shirts.

      Tim, are you going to the Housing Summit?

    • Tim,

      I do hope you will consider announcing the barcamp event on your site, and bringing some people with you! Our industry is often criticized for not considering “the public’s” point of view. This is a great opportunity for “the public” to influence some of the changes in real estate that they would like to see happen.

  3. REBarcamp was excellent last time I attended. I came with two of our Agents and they still talk about “We should be doing this, and We should be doing that.”

    Very well worth the time. I cannot come this time due to my Coaching duties by I encourage all to attend.

  4. Sorry we will not be seeing you, Ray! I did enjoy our brief meeting at the last one, I think that was the one in Bellevue. My head spins from all the people we meet at these things…but who could forget meeting the one and only, Ray Pepper šŸ™‚

  5. Okay–I’m biased… BUT I am really pleased with the Pacific NW Housing Summit–the only thing better would be to have had more attendance since the content really deserved that…I do wonder if the attendance (about 200 people) was a reflection of our current times in the RE industry. I understand that the Mike Ferry presentation earlier this week had much lower attendance than what was expected as well.

    Tomorrow at REBC Seattle–we have over 500 rsvps… and folks who have flown in from all over the country to take part in this event–I really looking forward to it!

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