School Cancelled because of SUN!

If you are relocating to the Seattle area, or have recently relocated here, a HUGE factor for you to “grasp” is about capturing those great days between October and May. Summer is great here, and you rarely get “snowed in”, but too many gray and rainy days in succession can really get to you.

When I first moved here I remember someone saying “no work today”. When I asked why they said “The Mountain is OUT!”. People jump up from their desks and run over to see Mount Rainier on a clear day. 🙂

School Cancels Classes for a “Sun Day” is a news story today along the same lines.

Seattle weather “progresses”. First you have one sunny day a week, then two sunny days in a week. By the time you hit 5 out of 6 sunny days in a week, you feel like God came down and brought you a huge gift of perpetual sunshine, just in time for the Fremont Summer Solstice Festival.

So when you see all the painted naked cyclists in Fremont in June, remember why and what they are celebrating. NO other area celebrates the simple pleasure of the sun being out…like Seattle.

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