CD Release Party tonight for local Seattle band – Kris Orlowski

Local song artists, Kris Orlowski and his band, are having a CD Release party tonight at The Hard Rock Cafe. Doors open at 8 and the show is at 9.

Seattle has long been known for supporting the “up and coming” people in their local areas. So if you have no plans tonight…try to head on out to The Hard Rock Cafe at 116 Pike Street to give some hard working and talented local young people your support.

I first found Kris Orlowski via the YouTube video below (the link was posted on twitter). If you want to get a feel for Seattle, watch this video featuring The Fremont Troll :). There’s a line in Kris’ song “Sweet Little Girl” that was SO very Seattle it cracked me up. “We’re dreaming of a future where the summer always stays.” How “Seattle Culture” is that!

The scenes in this video say more about Seattle than most any written post ever could…so if you are thinking of moving to Seattle, watch this video. It shows many of the best things Seattle has to offer…its people, our troll, people of all ages interacting with one another at Green Lake, and a young man celebrating…”Lou, Lou, Lou” an awesome, everyday, Seattle kind of girl.

Good luck, Kris! Taking a line from your song…”Hope is in my heart that you’ll be great!!!”

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8 thoughts on “CD Release Party tonight for local Seattle band – Kris Orlowski

  1. Thanks Josh!

    I’m heading out to visit my girls and grand girls for a week in The Beach Cities of L.A. I’m all giddy at the prospect of a week off 🙂 Not sure if I’ll make it over to the party tonight…tying up all of my loose ends on contracts in escrow before I leave on Saturday.

    I love that video and the fact that they filmed it all under the Fremont Troll. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Ardell! I just saw this. The show last night went really well and people loved what we were doing! Thanks again for the support, Portland tonight, then Bellingham tomorrow!

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