Bellevue Neighborhoods – Get your home sold the first time around Tip #1


You want to sell your  home the first time around…if you don’t follow this step then don’t be disappointed if your home doesn’t sell the first time?  We will outline below the reasons that could be hindering the sale of your property.

Pricing your home right to sell:

There are many things that could be hampering your ability to sell your home.  One main reason could be that your home is not priced accurately. Pricing your home is a strategy that unfortunately, many fall short on. One clear sign is that you haven’t had much, if any, traffic in the first week or two that your home has been listed. If you’ve had small amounts of traffic, what feedback are you receiving on your home?  You may not be aware of the feedback as many agents don’t follow up with the agents who have shown your home.  Did you know there’s a software program that will email you the feedback the same time your agent receives the feedback?

Don’t think, “I’ll just put my home on the market at this higher price to see what happens and then I’ll reduce the price if need be.”  You need to price your home with the current market NOW.  The higher the price the less likely you’ll be to have showings on your home.  Even with a price down, the additional time on market that you have on your home due to overpricing at first generally means you’ll get even less than the current market value as a buyer will wait for the price downs and will think that there’s something wrong with your home due to the time on market.

Remember, one of the main reasons your home will not sell is because of price.

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    • Hi Jerry – It wasn’t meant to follow up the same post from yesterday…Bellevue Neighborhoods have a multitude of styles…we will post more on Atomic Ranches/Mid-Century Modern homes but that’s not all we will be focusing on. We’re trying to show the variety that we have here in Bellevue. Have a super day 🙂

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