Home Prices in West Seattle – #justsayin

Viaduct to lose one lane each way in Sodo starting May 16th.

“The May 16 lane closures mark the start of a long-dreaded, long-lasting traffic slowdown to enable replacement of the 1950s-vintage highway. Conditions will remain congested until early 2016, when a tolled tunnel is to replace the central viaduct section along the waterfront.” Mike Lindblom – Seattle Times

Surprised that I am not seeing more cautionary tales about home prices that will more than likely be impacted by this issue.


14 thoughts on “Home Prices in West Seattle – #justsayin

  1. In my opinion as a West Seattle resident, the City of Seattle totally screwed our community with over-building. It’s impossible to get out of here some mornings… yesterday on my way to Bellevue for a seminar about USDA loans, it took me about 1.5 hours to reach my destination. The bridge was packed and everyone was trying to leave “the rock”…yet high density apartments continue to be erected in our small community…while not improving roads or doing anything about traffic.

    I am not looking forward to this!! 🙁

    I wonder how this will impact local employment in West Seattle? As the City of Seattle continues to cut us out, I believe we’ll continue to become more and more self-sufficient (we really never need to leave WS… and with our beaches, great restaurants and shops, who wants to?)

    I would like to see West Seattle become it’s own city, separate of Seattle. We get no respect! LOL… even from Mayor Nickels who’s a West Seattle resident.

    As far as prices go, this is a very unique area but if someone has to commute, they really need to consider this before moving here during this construction time.

  2. Rhonda, I’ve been cautionary about values in West Seattle for quite some time now. Love your house and frankly it’s worth the extra trouble. Like going home to a vacation! 🙂 West Seattle is not an area I work in much…the prices have been unstable for as long as I’ve been here.

    You are right though…it doesn’t get any better than West Seattle for someone who can both live AND work there.

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