Got Questions? Give “Questionland” a visit.


Whether you have questions or like to help people by providing answers, Questionland is a very cool place. You can pretty much ask questions about most anything from Comics to well…Whatever!

Got to love a place that has an official category for “Whatever”.

This week the focus was on Real Estate which is how I got the heads up about Questionland. It’s not a new thing…started back in April of 2009.

Questionland is one of those places that is only as good as you make it. The Stranger sponsors the site, but at the end of the day it is the people who ask and answer questions who control how good or bad it is. Don’t know what “The Stranger” is? Well, you should. It’s pretty much iconic here in Seattle, much like The Fremont Troll under the north end of the Aurora Bridge.

For Real Estate Questions Trulia Voices is still my favorite. Zillow Advice never made it to my list of places to go. Too many questions and complaints about “zestimates” for me.

From a purely local perspective, supporting Questionland by helping your neighbors out with answers to their questions is in my opinion a worthwhile endeavor. Think of it as one big Seattle Neighborhood of people like you, sometimes with a question; sometimes with an answer.

We are known as “The Emerald City”. So take a trip to Questionland where some days you can be “the Dorothy” with a question, and other days you can pretend to be The Great and Powerful Wizard with “the” answer.

“There’s No Place Like Home”…support local endeavors.

Hope to see you there.

16 thoughts on “Got Questions? Give “Questionland” a visit.

  1. Jillayne, I just joined Quora to compare and I keep getting emails saying “X is now following you on Quora”. Makes me feel like I need to DO something worth following. LOL!

  2. Thanks for plugging Questionland, Ardell. As you know I was one of the experts last week — I should’ve thought of posting the promo here on RCG myself. I’ve got a lot to learn from you, O Blogging Master… 🙂

    Anyway, I just found out they’ll be keeping me on as a “resident” expert. So please do check it out!

    • I wasn’t sure if that was you or Marc or someone else given you are using the Company name vs your own. Good answers and I’d like to see at least a dozen RE “Experts” answering, so I will stay on as an expert as well.

      There are several other topics that interest me, and I love the “local” feel of it better than Quora and other national sites.

  3. I keep hearing about how awesome Quora but cannot sign up because you need an invitation. Site’s been active for a year and half and you still need an invitation code to just to enter, what a joke. I checked out Questionland and am impressed so far, good work all around. My only quibble is that the interface seems a little cluttered, but very usable otherwise.

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