Books About Seattle

Are you thinking of visiting Seattle? Below are three visitor guide books to Seattle. The first is from “The Stranger“. A Seattle-only weekly that definitely gives the best inside scoop on Seattle. However, the book is not for the faint of heart as it focuses mostly on the alternative scene. The Rough Guide books are some of the most informative guide books around with info on history, entertainment, food, etc. Albeit they are geared toward the backpacker crowd. The Frommer’s Guide is one of the best all-around guidebooks.

Seattle City Walks has some fun urban hikes that will give you a pretty good idea of the various neighborhoods. I’ve got this book and have especially enjoyed the historical tit-bits they throw in.

This is a wildly popular book (Relocating to Seattle) among the people relocating to the area. I’ve not read it, but I’ve heard people say that it has given them a real insider’s perspective on the region:

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