Lessons learned from riding two real estate cycles

Swinging for a HomerBill Wendel over at Boston’s Real Estate Cafe has been posting podcasts on his blog for a little while now. The interview from his latest podcast is from a woman who…

..describes lessons learned over last two real estate cycles: first losing money (at least on paper) on a starter condo purchased at the top of the bubble in Philadelphia in the mid-1980’s; then purchasing another home at the bottom of the last cycle; and ultimately hitting the real estate jackpot in Atlantic City.

To hear the podcast, follow the link to his website and then click on the link that says “Real Estate Bubble Audio Time Capsule #2”. That should download it to your machine and then open it to your default mp3 player.

What is podcasting?

In it’s simplest form, podcasting is a recording that is saved in an mp3 format that is made available via the internet. The recordings could either be groups of songs (a la a typical radio station), interviews (a la NPR), simple rants (a la many blogs), or a mix of all the above.

I’ve linked to this podcast, mainly because I’m intrigued by the idea of podcasting. I know that at some point in the future, I’ll give it a try… If you have some ideas for good podcasts (obviously the topic should be related to Seattle real estate), please let me know…. Would it be useful to have a podcast of my impression of featured listings? Are there any major players in Seattle real estate that I should interview? I could probably cover more ground in a two minute podcast than I could in a three paragraph description…

My take is that podcasting the same information that could easily be written about would be a waste of time and bandwidth. Ideally, it would be great to cover topics that can’t easily be conveyed via a written format. I’ll keep thinking about this and would appreciate your ideas.

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