Seattle Resource for Gnomedex Attendies

[photopress:seattle_center.jpg,thumb,alignright]Gnomedex 5.0 is coming to Seattle this weekend!

I thought I would send out an early welcome to Gnomedex attendees. If you’re looking for interesting Seattle resources, I may be able to direct you to some interesting resources… For those of you who are unfamiliar with this conference, it is a tech event where all-kinds of big-shots will discuss and announce new products and services… I’d be most interested in (1) learning how I can better use the current technology tools and (2) how some of the companies (Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, etc.) are going to work with small businesses (like me).

In terms of events for the weekend, the stranger will list just about anything worth doing! If you’re looking for live music, I would highly recommend the Tractor Tavern which will have the meat purveyors (“bluegrass on booze”) on Friday night and Omar Torrez on Saturday night. (Scoble has also been talking about a camping trip before or after the event, but I don’t know if that is still on…)

If you are a map person and want an overview of the Seattle area, the gHomes tool that I’ve developed can give you an overview of the different neighborhoods. For example, the tool lets you pretty easily zoom in on the million dollar neighborhoods if that is of interest to you! Also of interest is the fabulous new Bus Monster that Chris Smoak developed.

For a different kind of overview of the neighborhoods, simply to browse some of the posts I’ve put together… There is lots of info (and more every day!). There are too many great Seattle bloggers around to put any type of definitive list together, but two of my favorite are Dave Fox and Greg Linden.

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