Starbucks on Anna?

[photopress:luke_hurley_and_bird_patterson.jpg,thumb,alignright]I’m always interested in new marketing approaches and I recently read about two ideas that seem worthy of more consideration. The first comes from Rosa where she describes an investment banker that buys everyone coffee at the local Starbucks once a week. Here’s how Rosa describes it:

This morning Kerwin and I walked into a Prescott Starbucks and both ordered their strong-brew coffee of the day to then find it was free. The barista at the cash register motioned over to a gentleman sitting in an animated discussion with a group of about six others, and said, “Your coffee is on Mr. Perez this morning.

6 thoughts on “Starbucks on Anna?

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  2. I am sure the trick of buying coffee would work with anything else. You can setup at any store, and offer to buy everyone that comes in a alittle something along with giving them your cards.

    Great Idea Anna


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