A conversation between Seattle and NY

sculptures two headsThe stranger had a fun article this week by Mike Daisey where he compares Seattle to New York… It’s not always flattering for Seattle (or NY), but it is definitely a lot of fun to read… There are a bunch of great lines in the article, but this paragraph is the highlight:

If I could bring New York and Seattle to the table and make them learn from each other, I’d wish that New York could pick up some of Seattle’s table manners, and Seattle’s earnest desire for things to turn out well, which is replaced in New York with snark. And in Seattle I’d point to the subway and say, “Learn from this. Consensus isn’t everything—show some spine, suck it up, and learn how to take a punch.” Then we’d have dinner together. New York would be loud and rude all night, and Seattle would say nothing, but go home and blog about New York’s behavior mercilessly and anonymously.

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