spam filters, google ads and site statistics, oh my!

I’ve made a few changes to the site recently and it seems like a good time to give some updates…

  • I added a new spam filter that has completely eliminated the amount of comment and trackback spam that I was getting. It worries me somewhat that I’ve not had one comment (besides my own test comments) since I added this filter. If you are trying to leave a comment and it does not work, please let me know via email!
  • I took down the google ads off the sidepanel and moved them to the bottom of individual posts. They seem more fitting there and hopefully you’ll find them more useful.
  • I added a site stat program, MapStats, that displays where site visitors are coming from via google maps. It is a really slick program and if you’re curious how many visitors that this site is getting (and where they are coming from), you can click on this tag Blog Flux MapStats: Stats and Counter for Rain City Real Estate Guide to find out.

I think I’m done with tweaking the site for a while. Now it is time for me to get back to providing updates on the Seattle real estate market!

map stats for rcg

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