With a little help from Flexcar

Driving the ViperWith gas prices seeming to rise on a daily basis it seems like a good time to mention a little bit about Flexcar.

The Seattle Times describes the idea behind the organization pretty well in this article: Fueled by Flexcar. In short, Flexcar provides cars at specified locations throughout the City of Seattle and the Eastside that members can rent by the hour. For people who don’t drive a lot, these cars could provide their sole form of auto transportation. For the rest of us who need at least one car in the house, we can use these cars as our “second” or “backup” cars.

If you are a Seattle resident and you are seriously considering getting rid of a car, then consider taking the One Less Car challenge. It is a program where the City offers some pretty substantial rewards to families willing to give up at least one of their cars!

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