The Reservations of Greenspan

Church Scene It’s no surprise that Alan Greenspan remains highly skeptical of the housing market, and considering he has access to a lot more data (and a lot better researchers!), I’m going to defer to him on the national issues.

Greenspan continued to register concern about soaring house prices and risky mortgages on expensive homes.

He also repeated his warning about signs of “froth” developing in some local markets that may be driving house prices to “unsustainable levels.”

Here’s are two quotes I found interesting:

  • “The vast majority of homeowners have a sizable equity cushion with which to absorb a potential decline in house prices”
  • “Speculative activity may have had a greater role in generating the recent price increases than it customarily had had in the past”

I think these quotes explain why the Seattle market is going to be fine despite his reservations. The employment market is healthy and I haven’t seen the type of speculation that is occurring in the SouthWest. Here’s a link I wrote a few weeks ago on the riskiness of the Seattle market.

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