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[photopress:coastal_tree.jpg,thumb,alignright]Inspired by Robert Scoble (and as part of my ongoing series on real estate blogging advice) I thought it would be a fun to interview some of my favorite real estate bloggers.

Along these lines, I emailed 10 questions to the dozen real estate bloggers who have most inspired me. I’ve already received some wonderful responses, so this endeavor should be a lot of fun. My plan is to release a new response each day, so keep coming back for some more Q&A fun!

The purpose of these questions is to better learn from the experience and get a vision of the future from each of these innovative bloggers. With real estate blogging (and business blogging) developing so quickly, I think this set of interviews will offer an interesting time-capsule into a genre that is sure to see new players and major changes in the near future.

Each of the interviews will be posted under the Real Estate Q&A category!

4 thoughts on “The State of Real Estate… blogging

  1. Anna & Dustin –

    When my real estate blog grows up I want it to be just like “Rain City Guide”. Your blog is splendiferous!! I may be up into the wee hours of the morning reading this thing.

    From what I can see, one key element is missing…

    There is no link to an Arizona Real Estate Blog! Shame on you.

    I linked to your site, if you don’t want me to, SHOUT!

    Keep up the *great* work!

  2. You’ve got a great blog yourself. I love how your opinions are all over it! It makes for some good reading!

    (by the way, I just added you’re blog to my list of real estate bloggers!) Keep up the great work yourself!

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