Warning – not about real estate

Giles wrote: “Ardell showed us quite a new (yet simple) trick…. Write half a post, and then have a call to action for comments or you don’t get the second half. Simple and brilliant! “No Soup For YOU!!….Next!!!

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14 thoughts on “Warning – not about real estate

  1. hahaha… well that wasn’t where i expected that thread to go but funny none the less.

    I think that’s what everyone used to love about Seinfeld so much… the strange but obviously true urban legend story lines they were based off of.

  2. Last time I saw my cousin Jimmy he was sporting hot pink and white striped hair with a poodle to match at my grandmother’s funeral.

    Is that you!?!?

  3. We’d give you the recipes, but then we’d have to kill ya 🙂

    Seriously, though, my Aunt Mary is a DellaLoggia who married a Scaramuzza. So the recipes are DellaLoggia from my grandmother who was formerly a DiLuzio who married a DellaLoggia.

    Two DiLuzio’s came to this Country and made a slew of relatives. They were my grandmother Mindina and her cousin Tony. They each had eight or nine kids who had kids who had kids… I am one of seven children…the middle one.

    • This is not so much a correction or even a comment. It is a question born in a life long confusionthat nearly had me trying to ‘date’ a cousin. Just as you I had heard that our grandmother and her cousin Tony came together to America and understood that only 2 DiLuzios had done so. So when did Nicky, ( the patriarch of the Diluzio clan in the old neighborhood ) arrive?

  4. I don’t know, David. I didn’t meet that whole slew of DiLuzio cousins until I ran into Dewey and Louie. Sorry to hear about Uncle Vincent. Cousin Vincent happened on this when Aunt Mary passed and said that the story in this post is true, but it was Nano who said it and not Aunt Mary. Grandmom came when she was 19. I’m still trying to figure out why we called her Nano when the Italian word for Grandmother is Nona. 🙂

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