The Red Dog is Coming!

The Red Dog is Coming! The Red Dog is Coming! Said Ardell and Paul Revere.

The big question is: To Clean or not to Clean?

January 29, 2006 is the first day of the Chinese New Year. We will be entering “The Year of the Red Dog” aka Fire Dog. Do you want that big red dog in your house, or not? If you do, you have to start cleaning right now and make way for him. He won’t come in to dusty, dirty houses, or so the story and Feng Shui principles go. But maybe you don’t want to clean. Maybe you don’t want that big red dog in your house for all of the New Year.

I’m cleaning! I can’t wait to get rid of last year’s Rooster. But what about you?

Do you have a cause you need to get support for? If so, you want to welcome that Dog in to help Champion your causes. But as Morgan Freeman said in Se7en “Not everyone wants a Champion. Most people want to eat hamburgers, play the lottery and watch TV. ” If you’re one of those people, then spend the next 5 days making a big mess and tell that doggy to go to someone else’s house.

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