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peppersChris Pirillo had an excellent list of his recommended Seattle-area restaurants. The list is huge and he’s right-on with most of recommendations like Zoka Cafe and Mighty-O donuts, but his choice of Mexican food is downright dismal (Taco Del Mar???).

Finding good Mexican food in Seattle is not easy, as there is a lot more bad options than good places. However, Seattle Pulse came to the rescue with a much more enlightened view of Mexican food with their article dedicated to finding Seattle’s Best Margarita!

They were right on the money when they rated Ballard’s Oaxaca a perfect 10 for both the quality of the food and the quality of the margarita! Oaxaca is the best Mexican food that I’ve come across in Seattle. It’s extremely tasty… It’s authentic… If you’re craving good Mexican food, then I highly recommend checking out Oaxaca!

7 thoughts on “Best Seattle Area Restaurants

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  2. Great stuff Dustin.
    Zoka is dialed in, and I will be checking out Oaxaca. Here’s some West Seattle love for your dining pleasure…
    Salty’s atmosphere is nice, but the best WS restaurant is Ovio.
    The best breakfast is Easy Street. (And the Weekly’s hipster hype is overblown…Lydia will treat you right.)
    Mashiko has the best sushi.
    The new combo at Admiral Junction,
    The Mission
    and Blackbird, are both worth venturing across the bridge.
    And definitely finish with the Husky Deli Ice Cream.
    Look at this…some neighborhood love. It’s gettin you some leads and letting me bust out of my troll role on the commision threads:).

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