Clever marketing

I’m back from a crazy contract job in New Orleans and a great vacation in the Copper Canyon, Mexico, where the real estate agents must walk eight hours up a steep arroyo just to talk to their rural clients. I’m guessing there aen’t a lot of buyers for precariously perched tiny houses serviced only by burros. I recommend the trip and I am a big proponent of a trip to a hot sunny place every Seattle March.

[photopress:Fortunes.JPG,thumb,alignright] On to real estate: Normally I’m not into cutesy marketing, but these fortunes cracked me up. Bonnie’s dedicated client served her fortune cookies after a great dinner and noted that they really matched Bonnie’s style, which got me to thinking about the basics of any kind of marketing; your marketing (including your blog) should match your style. If you’re outgoing and funny, your marketing should be outgoing and funny. If you’re a brain, it should be more like the puzzle a friend of mine got from his money manager last year. Which just happens to bring me to a new real estate blog that sings to the bean counter in me: Altos Research. Charts and graphs, oh my!

Disclaimer: Mike is the relative of a friend of my relative.

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